The World’s Amazing Oasis Town In The Desert

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This is not a mirage if you ever stumble upon the magical town called Huacachina right in the middle of the driest location on earth.  This is home to some few people with an oasis library, shops and rustic hotels.  There are a lot of things you can do here like watching the sunset over the dunes, before you think of sand boarding down to the oasis

The Tranquil Lagoon


Huacachina is blessed with a tranquil lagoon that is believed to have curative properties, , flourishing foliage and lush palm trees. Its destination is in a barren desert in Peru. The lake is strongly believed to have some healing powers that have been attracting some tourists. The lake is formed naturally and legend had it that it was a young princess who made this lake possible when she escape when a hunter discovered her taking her bath.

The Paradise


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The paradise Huacachina is dubbed the 'Oasis of America,' this is  one of the last oasis' in North and South America. It may not be as beautiful as you want it to be because it is a picturesque village that has featured on the Peru’ s official currency, on  the back of the 50 Nuevo Sol note

The tranquil waters strongly contrast with the barren environment. Huacachina has become a National cultural heritage site.



Over the years, the lagoon water levels have dropped to high evaporation during summer when the weather is at its extreme and the building of wells to support those who are living here. There have been a lot of support to ensure that the water never stop flowing in this magical town , water has been pumped from the lakes into the oasis

A visit to this oasis can be done when the weather is less severe for those who may not be able to cope with the hot weather. For those who are romantic, this is a perfect spot and it is only a few who come here to have a swell time.  You can do a lot of things on the dune, watch the sun, sand board and even have a picnic right at the middle of the desert.

The Night


In the night, it is nothing short of what a magical town can give you. You are at rest when you come. It does not have more than a hundred residents which makes it one of the best places to visit for those who are thinking of where to spend their vacation.

The sand is where the people of Incan make their money. You can imagine how sand can become a wealthy source for families living here. You may think that Peru is not exciting until you set into this lovely oasis that may be tagged as one of  the wonders of the world. You should not forget to visit Huacachina with your camera, there are a lot of mind-blowing selfies that you can take here. We believe that you are fascinated with such a location on earth that is second to none and exotic to visit.



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