Boracay To Cubao By Bus

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Boracay is an island in Malay Aklan that measures only 4.5 miles but it is loaded with breathtaking beaches, exciting water sports activities, postcard perfect sunrise and sunsets, interesting nightlife and local cuisine.

Boracay To Cubao By Bus

It is ideal for family and newly wedded couples.


Cubao is located in Quezon City which is also a busy commercial district of Manila. It has the biggest coliseum (Araneta Coliseum) where most national events and basketball games are held. It also has the best organic market of the city (Farmer’s Market).

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Here are the available modes of transport from Boracay ToCubao.

Boracay To Cubao By Bus

The distance between Boracay to Cubao is 408 kms. The route includes one RORO (roll - on roll – off ferry) from Caticlan to Pasay Taft Avenue where you have an option to take the Metrorail or the bus from Pasay to Cubao. The overall cost of bus fare can be purchased at US$ 42.

If you like to drive from Boracay to Cubao, you can do so by paying additional charges for your vehicle on board the ferry.

Boracay To Cubao By Ferry

The most affordable means of transport between Boracay to Cubao is by means of ferry or an inter island shipping vessel. The total travel time is 17 hours and 18 minutes. This type of transport is available once a week only. First, you take the ferry ride from Boracay to Caticlan.

Boracay To Cubao By Bus

From Caticlan, you must board ferry that will bring you to the Manila north Harbor where there are buses that will take you direct to Cubao City. The total cost of bus transport is US$ 80. To know more, check from this site:

Boracay To Cubao By Plane

The total travel time via plane ride is 2 hours and 50 minutes.  From Caticlan, you must take the van that will bring you to the Kalibo International Airport that is bound to Manila and from there, you can take the bus direct to Cubao. The total fare is US$ 123. To learn more, check here:

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