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Hidden Valley philippinesLast year, my best friend and I decided to spend our winter vacations in Philippines. It was an unforgettable tour for us. We love to cherish the memories of our tour. I am feeling very happy to share my experience with all.

You can describe Philippines with three ‘W’-Warmth, Wealth and Wonders.  We gave a start to our journey from Manila, the capital city of Philippines. This city has many famous and exceptionally beautiful tourist spots. Corregider Island is one of them. In Philippines, every stone has a history. The shape of this resembles to that of Tad Pole. This Island had played a crucial role in Second World War. We loved the boat journey and the monuments of the War. You must visit this Island. It is one of the best Islands to explore. It would be a life time experience for you.

Taal Volcano is another famous place of Manila City. The time I spent here was the most thrilling time of my entire life. Everything was simply awesome. I had never enjoyed life the way I did at this place. You would love the boat cruise in Taal Lake. Donkey ride is something adventurous.  Actually Donkeys will take you to the rim of the crater so that you may see a small lake within the crater. Isn’t it Interesting? I must say that the view from the top of the mountain is breathtaking. Believe me, it will be the most wonderful and unforgettable view of your entire life. You must visit Taal Volcano to have this wonderful experience. Another interesting place is Intramuros. This place is simply an exception. It’s a place worth seeing in Manila.

Hidden Valley philippinesMakati City is another popular destination in Philippines. We visited this city at evening.  We made our first stop at Ayala Triangle Gardens. It’s a lovely garden. You can watch the Christmas light show from 6pm to 9pm. The show was really amazing. I loved the lights and music. If you are planning to celebrate Christmas in Philippines, this is the perfect place for you. You would surely love the Christmas lights. Next Day, we visited Quezon City. This city is famous for University of Philippines. We take a quick look on the university campus and we found it quite beautiful. Then we moved to La Mesa Nature Reserve.  We had booked the tickets in advance as the walk-ins are not allowed in this nature reserve. It’s a perfect place for nature lovers. It has got many single tracks for mountain bike trial riding. It also offers beautiful area for hiking. We opted for hiking and we really enjoyed our time in this Nature Reserve. If you are a nature lover and you want to date nature then do visit this place.

Our next destination was Boracay city. It is the most beautiful city of Philippines. It’s just 4.5 miles long. This small place has the best of natural beauty in its lap. First of all, we visited Aerial’s Point. What a place it was! What a day it was! This place is an eco adventure. The most adventurous thing I did at this place was Cliff diving from five different platforms. Wow! It was amazing. If you want some real fun in life, Pack your bags and go to Aerial’s Point. It is a must visit place in Philippines. There are some exceptionally beautiful beaches in this city. We opted to visit Yapak Beach or say Puka Shell Beach first. It’s a beautiful beach and perfect photo-site. You will get to see lots of shells even under your foot. The matchless sea rock formation adds to its beauty. You will also enjoy the boat ride. It’s a great place to visit.

Other attraction of Boracay is the White Beach. White Beach is extremely beautiful. The sand on this beach was as white as milk. You could not find that white sand on any beach. The extreme beauty of this beach makes it the most famous beach of Boracay. It’s famous for the stunning sunsets. Well, I really loved the view of sunset from this beach. I recommend this beach to every traveler. It is worth visiting. A Cliff side footpath connects this beautiful beach to another extreme beauty, Diniwid Beach. The green mountains and the beautiful blue water sea surrounding this beach give a stunning view. You would love this place. Here, you could feel the freshness and peace infusing your mind. If you want to spend some quality time with your partner then this is the perfect place for that.

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The next destination of our Philippines tour was Cebu City. When we were heading to this city, we didn’t even think that something so exciting is waiting for us. We visited Sky adventure Crown Regency. The experience of skywalk was simply awesome. It was one of the most thrilling moments of my life. We enjoyed the edge roller coaster ride also. If you want to enjoy the beautiful bird’s - eye view of Cebu city, you just need to avail this roller coaster ride. You must visit this place once in your life. You would definitely enjoy the time. Another must visit place in Cebu City is Taoist Temple. The view of this temple is breathtaking. It’s an awesome place. The peace of this place will calm your senses. Sitting here for a while is very much similar to doing meditation. It was a very nice experience. Everyone should go there to feel the difference.

After Cebu City, our next destination was Davao City, Mandino. This city has many famous tourist spots. First of all, we visited Philippines Eagle reserve. It’s a nice place where you get to see endangered Philippines Eagles. The place is beautiful and worth seeing. After this, we headed to Eden Park. It’s a beautiful park with thousands of trees. You would love to hear the bird’s calls. It’s a good photo-site also. All nature lovers will love this place. It’s a good place for a day-out. Our next spot was Samal Island. It’s little far from Davao City. It’s a perfect place for relaxation. It won’t be wrong if I call this Island as Pleasure Island. You can do plenty of outdoor activities on this Island. We enjoyed boat cruise very much.

Mandino is blessed with abundant natural beauty. You could find the beautiful touch of nature on every corner of Mandino. In Mandino, you could go to Promise Land of General Santos for some spectacular views of green mountains. The awesome view of this land looks as if beautiful mountains and sky are kissing each other. A marvelous view! If you want to have the experience of being in a tree house then you could go to Pasonanca Park of Zamboanga. It was really a fascinating experience for us.

The last destination of our tour was Illigan. This place has some spectacular sites that are worth seeing. St Tinago Falls is one of those spectacular sites. You would love Tinago Falls. You must see Tinago Falls. It is all awesome. Tinuy-an Falls, Maria Christina Falls and Enchanted river are other “must visit” places in Illigan. You would get to see stunning beauty at these places.

It was an unforgettable journey for me and my best friend. We love to cherish the memories of this journey. Philippines is really an extremely beautiful country.


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