My Queen Of The Queen City Of Cebu!

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Travel to Cebu City

It was the worst Wednesday… ever! My two and a half years Filipina girlfriend broke up with me, I missed on a dinner meeting with a client, I lost my blackberry, my boss has been trying to call me (according to the 50 plus emails I received from him), the heater in my flat doesn’t work properly, and I’m soaking when I came home from the office. Talk about being preoccupied by this thing called love – yes, I’m currently undergoing that miserable state!

It all started with that letter she left in my bedroom:

“I received a call from Cathy (your ex wife) the other day, and that she told me to back you off! She’ll not go with the divorce proposal. I guess this is the end of everything for the two of us. As much as I didn’t want to let go of you… I have to. I love you, Charles. But this is as far as I can go. I’m going back to the Philippines and please don’t ever look for me.”

Travel to Cebu City

After reading that email, my world fell apart. It felt like I was deprived of my right to be happy and love the only person I wish I could spend the rest of my life with. Jennifer flew back to the Philippines after the incident and that she doesn’t answer any of my phone calls/respond to my emails/messages in Facebook, her very supportive mom wouldn’t let me speak with her either! So I left with no other choice but to fly back to the Philippines and win her heart back.

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“I need to get my life back!” I told Christopher (my boss), when I ask for his permission if I can go on a vacation leave for two weeks as I’m totally preoccupied with the whole incident and that my focus about life per se is derailed. “If that works for you, then so be it! Just make sure that when you come back to this office I want to see that old Charles who used to work here… haven’t seen him around that much lately.” Chris responded. After that green light from my boss, I immediately booked my flight to the Philippines.

Travel to Cebu City

After that almost 18 hour flight from Philadelphia, I finally managed to arrive at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The warm breeze made me feel so relaxed and that I couldn’t feel any exhaustion rushing in through my veins as I have to take another hour flight from Manila Domestic Airport going to Mactan – Cebu International Airport. Upon my boarding to Cebu Pacific, I felt a sudden rush of nervousness.

I arrived at the Radisson Blu Hotel Cebu just in time for lunch and had the chance to once again taste that delectable Pork Adobo (Pork that is marinated and boiled with vinegar, soy sauce, with lots of garlic and onion) and Suckling pig dish, or most commonly known as “Lechon” by the Filipinos in a small eatery near the hotel – there are lots of them in the neighborhood!

Travel to Cebu CityAfter having lunch, I went straight off to Gaisano Grand Mandaue Centro, a mall which is just a few blocks away from Radisson’s and from the small eatery I’ve been to. I thought of buying some presents for Jen and her family. Then I rode a Jeepney (which is by the way, a very cool experience) going to Jen’s place. I was greeted by Jen’s mom upon my arrival.

“CHARLES! Why didn’t you tell us that you’re coming?? We should’ve picked you up in the airport and have one of the rooms here prepared for you!” “It’s ok Mrs. Reyes, I’m in one of the hotels now in Mandaue, and I actually came here to see Jen… is she in, can I talk to her?”

Jen’s mom let me in their house and to my surprise; she (Jennifer) was bedridden. According to her mom, ever since she came back from the US, she kept on crying, never utter a word and didn’t eat that much. My Jen lost so much weight upon seeing her. I rushed to her bed, hugged her tight, and we were both crying.

Travel to Cebu City

“I’m so sorry…”

Those are the only words that came about out of my mouth, upon seeing the Queen of my life. She was crying really hard and was really surprised to see me with her. She told me that she thought she would never see me again. She kept on asking for an apology as well for leaving me and everything that happened… but then, I didn’t want to talk about the things that happened and that we have a lot of time for us to talk about what happened to us.

After a few days of going back and forth the hotel and her place, I finally moved in with Jen in their house so that I can keep an eye on her. She finally manages to eat and smile. She can now talk and that she is a lot better far from what I’ve seen the first time I arrived.

Travel to Cebu City

When Jen was finally able to walk, we went out and visited her favorite: Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary. She loves Butterflies! So I thought of bringing her back there. It was a few hours’ drive from their place, but everything went great! On our way back home, we dine in at her favorite restaurant: Little Saigon Big Bangkok Restaurant. We had a great time laughing and sharing the things about what happened when were both away from each other.

That night, upon arriving, I told Jen that I want her to be with me again when I go back to the US. And that the two of us would have to wait for Cathy (my ex wife), to accept my divorce proposal as it’s not easy on her part to accept such things. I did realize that what matters to me now is that she (Jen) needs to be with me and that she’s the only reason why I’m living right now. I couldn’t afford to lose her, which she understood and agreed to go back with me in the US.

Travel to Cebu City

The rest of my stay, we went to the very famous, Magellan’s cross, were right beside the said cross lies the Basilica Minore Del Santo Niño church. Upon entering the church, I told Jen that I promise to marry her in that church once the divorce is done. And that there’s no one in the world could ever stop our marriage as I want to build a family with her and grow old with her.

And before leaving the country, Jen and I went to this very amazing beach resort called the Fun & Sun Dive & Travel! It was a terrific experience for both Jen and I! It’s like we’re already having our honeymoon when we had this trip! But before going any further, before the day of our flight going back to the US, I proposed to Jen when we were at the beach and that we’re getting married right as soon as the divorce papers comes out!

As I share you guys this story, Jen and I are married for almost a year now and that we’re back here in Cebu City having our first year anniversary!

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