Things To Do In Aklan

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Aklan is a province in the Philippines.  Established in 1213 by the Malay immigrants from Borneo, the official language is Aklanon and the recognized capital city is Kalibo. Aklan is one of Philippine's youngest regions, having separated from the island of Capiz to become an independent province just short of fifty years ago.

Kalibo City is an alternative port of entry to Boracay and home to the mother of all Philippine festivals.  Here you will find the Ati-Atihan Festival, which is observed every third week of January to commemorate the arrival of the ten Malay Datus. This lively celebration showcases the province’s tribal dances, vibrant music, and native outfits and armaments.  Locals celebrating apply washable paint, black coal, or soot on their whole body, and partake in a festive parade along the major streets of the capital up to the Santo Nino Cathedral.


Christians and non-Christians alike celebrate this day with lively and sacred processions. It has greatly influenced numerous other Festivals in Western Vizayas, including the colorful Sinulog Festival of Cebu and the raucous Dinagyang of Iloilo; both of which are variations of the original Kalibo Ati-Atihan Festival in Aklan Province.

When To Go:

In terms of the weather, Aklan is an ideal holiday destination year round, just as long as visitors are mindful of planning around the occasional tropical storm. Travelers interested in witnessing the yearly Ati-Atihan should try and book near the third week of January. From April to May, Boracay (Aklan’s number one beach) becomes a bit more crowded, however. There are still plenty of beaches and things to do in this majestic island in Region 6.  

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Visit Aklan

Here are some of the different attractions and favorite things to do in Aklan Province:


Ariel’s Point (Boracay)

Ariel’s Point: A half-hour boat ride from the White Beach, Ariel's Point offers excellent diving cliffs and a sea area for snorkeling. The tour lasts half a day and packages with an excellent buffet lunch and drinks (beer and colas in unlimited quantities) are available.  Both fans of extreme sports and fans of leisure alike will find something to love on this adventure.

Ariel's Point

First on the agenda is a boat ride on the waves. From there, you can swim in the pitching, and the more daring can head for the jump off point. There are designated jumping points at different altitudes. The greatest height is a towering 15 meters. There are places to eat at different altitudes on a beautifully unique rock; be sure to try the fruit!  


White Beach

The White Beach is a fine white sand beach with turquoise colored sea, located on the second station of Boracay. From this side, you will find many sunbathers and plenty of restaurants to choose from. It is beautiful in the early morning at low tide. Younger guests can have fun making sand castles, tracks for their marbles, and playing water games. Lunch is just a quick walk down Station 2. White Beach can be crowded, but it is still worth the visit.  Guests visiting during a full moon will even see the low tides rocking.

White Beach

White Beach is one of the cleanest beaches in Boracay.  Instead of sand, it is made up of finely pulverized coral, which will not burn your feet like a traditional beach in the sun. Its warm seawater is the perfect destination for relaxation.  There are a number of bars that will serve you drinks and food right on the beach, and even better, there are no beach venders soliciting you to purchase their wares. The beachfront area has a fantastic sunset and a bustling nightlife.  

For those who enjoy water activities, White Beach has it all; boating, banana boating, boat with transparent background, snorkel, and much more!


Yapak Beach (Puka Shell Beach)

The amazing Yapak Beach (Puka Shell Beach) is dominated by a lush hill overlooking the northern part of Boracay and a view of the Carabao Island. You can reach it by tricycle (150 pesos) and pass through the winding road that runs up and down throughout the neighborhood of Yapak. You’ll see a row of small shops offering a large variety of shells in various shapes and sizes while a little restaurant on the corner serves good food at a typical Philippine price.

In January, the beach is very windy and less crowded, making it a perfect time for a leisurely stroll in the tropical scenery. Kids will enjoy collecting shells and catching crabs and hermit crabs. The locals here rent sun beds and sells coconuts. The beach is a 10-15 minute ride from the Tricycle Station 1. This beach is the exact opposite of White Beach and characterized by its coarse sand with many fragments of shells and corals, wide band, relaxing non-crowded atmosphere, and its non-shallow bottom and big waves.

Yapak Beach

Swimming here is fun for adults, but parents should be mindful of their children, given the beach’s depth, strong waves and currents. There aren’t as many shops at this beach as some of the more crowded beaches, but there are kiosks that offer drinks and snack. And if you buy a drink or a meal you will be offered a bamboo lounger with a free umbrella. For a less crowded, more intimate and relaxing beach experience, look no further than Yapak Beach. And keep an eye out for souvenirs!


Crystal Cove Island

The Crystal Cove Island is a small island with cool, distinctive buildings and many opportunities to take pictures. Crystal Cove Island is located near Boracay Island. It is a small but very beautiful island! This cozy island can be reached by chartering a boat (better to do it at the stations) or simply by contacting a local tour agency. There are two small, but charming grottos, a small zoo, an art gallery all sorts of bizarre sculptures. However, visiting the island is heavily dependent on the weather conditions.  In windy weather, it will be difficult to find a boat willing to taxi there. 

Crystal Cove Island

But on a nice day, the gentle wave beats on the rocks of the island.  There is a small cave, through which will take you to the opposite side of the island where you can find the other grotto. But be mindful of the tide, even in waist deep water. 


Diniwid Beach

The Diniwid Beach is a very picturesque beach, situated on the mountain at the end of Station 1. It has beautiful views and great opportunities for a good photograph. The entrance and exit to the beach go along the cliff at the end of Station 1. It stands adjacent to the White beach and is separated from the latter by a rocky headland There is a comfortable passage carved into the rock. 

Diniwid Beach

The beach is about a 25-30 minute walk from D'Mall (the main shopping complex of Boracay).  It is near a few small hotels, gift shops, and inexpensive restaurants.  There are also transient houses available at a reasonable cost for people looking to stay the night.


Mount Luho

Mount Luho is the highest point of the island. The observation deck has a beautiful view of the island and the surrounding area. There is a mini-zoo that features many baby animals and some very unique animals. 

Mount Luho

You can get here by a multi-cab or tricycle ride (at a fixed price tag of 150 pesos). From here, it is a short walk to the beach. You can also go on foot through the Bulabog passage and have an excellent view of the Boracay Island and some neighboring islands at a glance. 


Willy's Rock

Willy's Rock is a small cliff located within 20 meters from the beach. It is an interesting cliff in the sea built of natural stone (rock) with the Virgin Mary’s statue on top. It usually causes a great curiosity among tourists and a good place for a photo session.

Willy's Rock

This is the most beautiful and photographed place in Boracay. Here you will find transparent water, colorful tropical fish, and white soft sand. The dramatic sunset brings in more crowds, so for an easier photograph, it is recommended that you come during the day. Willy’s Rock attracts many visitors - and for good reason, this is one of the most beautiful places on the island. 


Bulabog Beach

If you are tired of lounging on the beach, head off to Station 2 and travel to the other side of the island to Bulabog Beach . It is located at the narrowest part of the island and offers an entirely different perspective.  Looking up at the sky, you will see a myriad of colorful kites.  On the water, you will see countless kite surfers performing daring stunts.

Bulabog Beach

It is a beautiful beach, but very windy. The bottom is not visible at all points due to the algae formation during the cold season. In the summer, there are many boats for trips to the White Sea. For those interested in Kite surfing there are many resorts that offer packages with equipment and courses with the teacher included. Individual lessons are also available. Be sure to visit in the afternoon, probably around 4:00 pm, when the sun’s rays are already tolerable.


Bakhawan Eco-park and Research Centre

Here, you can find the Kalibo’s Mangrove Forest, which was established in 1990 and has now reached 220 hectares of land. The total length of bamboo scaffolds (tracks) located above the water is more than 800 meters.

Bakhawan Eco-park and Research Centre

This Eco-park in Kalibo has many species of birds, fish and, of course, mangroves. If you want to enjoy pristine nature and admire some of the local forestation, this is the perfect destination. Walking along the paths you will see that everything here has been done with great love from the people of Aklan and their environment. Be sure to bring your camera!


Sampaguita Gardens

Sampaguita Gardens is a great spot for those searching for a quiet place to stay after exploring the city. It is located in New Washington, Aklan, about a ten-minute drive away from Kalibo.  The room rate here relies upon the quantity of visitors that will be staying in the room. They additionally offer rebates for gatherings, seminars, weddings, and conferences (simply present your organization ID). The rooms are patterned into various themes (enormous cots, roomy CR/shower room with shower room that is equipped with hot and cold water). Each room is furnished with a telephone, HQ TV, and Wi-Fi Hotspot. They additionally have a poolside restaurant where you can go for lunch and supper. Gifts and treats are accessible at Jojo's Cottage (the main building at the core of Sampaguita Gardens compound). The spot is likewise decently outfitted with security offices.

Sampaguita Gardens

On the off chance that you are expecting humongous shopping centers and high-rise buildings like the ones in Manila, forget about it. The most ideal approach to shopping in Aklan is to explore its wet-and-dry markets for keepsakes as well as its wide selection of gift shops that you can at plenty of locations in Alkan. This region is very blessed with great natural resources and it has one of the best shorelines on the planet. You’ll also find the best traditional festival in Asia, a fortune trove of regular attractions, piña fabric centers, and delightful and carefree individuals.

Come and visit Aklan and you will realize that it is indeed more fun in the Philippines and Aklan has loads of that sense of fun and adventure at the highest level. 

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