Amazing Guys Trip To Pitcairn Islands

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We are twins and from studying in the same class to sharing same outfits since childhood have led us to do most of the things together. We work in the same company at similar levels, though different departments. We thought of taking a 5 days holiday last month and decided to visit a place, which is unique and offer many outdoor activities. We being guys, look forward to adventurous activities to experience the adrenaline rush. After a lot of research over the internet on our holiday destination, we decided to finalise Pitcairn Islands.

Amazing Guys trip to Pitcairn Islands

Pitcairn islands are a group of secluded islands in the South Pacific with Adamstown as its capital which is a hub of natives. As per the research over the net about this exotic place, its a must visit place for adventure enthusiasts. This holiday destination comes with pristine beauty, lush green untouched subtropical islands, lovely marine life and panoramic beauty along with grand hospitality from Polynesian people.

We were very excited with what we had chosen and the day had come that took us to this marvellous island. We landed on the Mangareva airport at the Gambier Islands and from there we took the charter vessel to reach the Pitcairn islands. We reached the islands and its capital Adamstown after a long 330 Km of sailing and checked one of its lovely looking hotels.

The first half of the day went in sailing to the island and getting relaxed. In the late afternoon we wanted to check out the local market and the very popular museum. Therefore, we headed towards the Pitcairn Island museum. The 9 year old museum is a short walk from the city centre, showcasing ancient Polynesian artifacts and other items which either have been loaned or donated by people from across the globe. The artefacts include items from navy, stone stools, memorabilia from the primitive settlement of Pitcairn, bounty relics and a variety of books that kept us engrossed through the visit.

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Amazing Guys trip to Pitcairn Islands

From the locals, we heard that a must visit place is the city square, which is the heart of the Pitcairn. After the museum, we headed straight to the square which looked lively by the locals and the travellers. There is a court house with a patio that takes one part of the square and outside, there is Bounty’s anchor standing on a platform. This was recovered in 1957 by Yankee. The big hall is often used for meetings, other judicial proceedings and public and social gatherings. Just opposite to the square is the church, which attracted both of us a lot and looked magnificent from inside.  It is said that a visit to the local post office at the centre to collect postcards and stamps is a must. My brother, Mike being the avid stamp collector from childhood did not want to miss this opportunity.

The same evening we wanted to check out the local market of Pitcairn, called as the curio and craft market to be able to save next days in doing outdoor activities.  I personally love shopping and was looking forward to many things I could buy for myself and my girlfriend back at home.  The market is full of wood carvings, paintings, handmade jewellery, contemporary woven baskets, honey products, hand painted leaves, and Pitcairn Island painted T-shirts and caps. The market was full of travellers buying souvenirs and other stuff for themselves and their loved ones and at night it simply looked lovely and lively.

Amazing Guys trip to Pitcairn Islands

After the day spent in exploring the island through its markets, museum and other popular places, we came back tired and dozed off soon. The second day of our trip had arrived and we both were completely refreshed and excited to head towards the beach for our favourite sport activities – snorkelling and scuba diving.

We took a local dive trip and went to the region of Gudgeon that offers lovely marine life and numerous ship wrecks to be explored. We explored the coral reefs by snorkelling first and dive deep into the warm waters of Pitcairn that made our days. We spent good hours on the island doing snorkelling and diving.

After a while of relaxing on the beach we came back to one of the eating joints to remember what we explored and enjoyed underwater over drinks and scrumptious sea food.

In the later half of the day, we headed towards the St. Paul’s Pool, which is very popular amongst locals and travellers, because of its natural beauty, clear warm waters and abundant sea life. The pool is a natural pool, surrounded by tall rocks where most people go for swimming and exploring the beautiful and colourful sea life by snorkelling. We had the most incredible time at St Pauls, we clicked pictures, shouted, enjoyed, mingled with other travellers, and loved the sea life underwater.

Amazing Guys trip to Pitcairn Islands

The second day had also come to an end and we decided to take the self guided walking tours the third day.  We first took the walking tour to the Christian’s cave, which is one of the most difficult walking trails on the island.  The time taken during the hike is around an hour. We started off from the Adamstown, through the eco trail and towards the rocky slope of Christian’s cave. It was difficult indeed! But it was worth the beauty and view from the top. I kept clicking the pictures until my bro asked me to stop and move further.  We came back down and reached the centre square since we wanted to go to Down Issac’s which is home to many natural rock pools idle for swimming and viewing the underwater life. It was a short walk of about 40 minutes, not so difficult.  We kept going further, enjoying the views of the downtown till we reached the Down Issac’s. There we relaxed for a while by swimming in the natural rock pool for about half an hour. Came back to the center and ate some great food at Flatcher’s cafe to enjoy some lip smacking multi cuisine food.

After grabbing a bite at Flatcher’s we headed towards the top of the island, to the Tedside. This walking trail is not so difficult but takes around two hours to reach.  The main attractions of Tedside are the blow hole and the volcanic rock formations. Oh! I am forgetting the most important attraction which is the freely wandering Galapagos Tortoise. She is called Miss T by natives and is very friendly. We were completely astonished to see her and fed her some foods that she likes eating as per the guide. 

We came back to the square and hired a quad bike to explore other parts of the island. These are also the primary means of transportation on the island, driven by locals. The tour is not expensive at all and we hired two quad bikes to see the rest of Pitcairn. Whatever we had left, we ensured we visited the place and made the most of our trip.

Amazing Guys trip to Pitcairn Islands

The last day we wanted to do fishing and unspoiled waters of Pitcairn is ideal for fishing. We booked a fishing trip on the last day of our trip where we boarded the long boat having many other travellers going on a fishing trip. The boat also had a couple of traditional native fishers teaching us more about the fishes of Pitcairn along with other interesting stories. The fishing trip had included a delicious fish fry lunch of the catch. So, we were very excited to experience this unique fishing trip at one of the most beautiful islands.

The last day of the trip, we wanted to further relax and enjoy the pristine beauty by sailing in a boat. We sailed in the traditional long boat, watched the Sun go down and visited the nearby islands to enjoy exotic and panoramic views.

For those who want to enjoy the panoramic beauty with crystal clear waters and a variety of activities to enjoy waters and underwater life, Pitcairn is the place to be!  

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There seems to be a slice of paradise at Pitcairn Island bigtup


Your most comprehensive introduction to this place that I have not heard about until today - smiley-embarassed - is very lively and full of colorful details !

For a Guys trip, what a dream of a place to have fun and to rhyme the word freedom in an infinity of sensations !



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