Bus Ticket From Warsaw To Vilnius

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Warsaw’s Old Town is an area that was completely rebuilt after the devastation suffered by the city during World War II. The Old Town was able to resume the semblance of the past, thanks to the will and tenacity of its citizens. This fascinating place is also declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. 

Bus Ticket From Warsaw to Vilnius


The most prominent landmark in Vilnius is the Arkikatedra Bazilika (Cathedral). Every Sunday morning, the Holy Mass offered here is super crowded. Outside it is very pretty with lots of columns and statues and it is situated in the main pizza that branches off to the main roads of Lithuania.

Here are the available modes of transport from Warsaw to Vilnius.

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Bus Ticket From Warsaw to Vilnius

The distance between Warsaw to Vilnius is 454 km. The Lux Express and 1188 (via Line 8872) are the official providers for this important route. The travel duration is seven hours and 15 minutes. Bus fare can be purchased for US$21. To know the complete details of bus transport and fares, check out: https://ticket.luxexpress.eu/

Bus Ticket From Warsaw to Vilnius

Another practical mode of transportation from Warsaw to Vilnius is via road trip adventure. You can rent a vehicle or drive your way through these two idyllic cities in Europe. The travel time is six hours and 43 minutes (via DK61 Highway).

Train Ticket From Warsaw to Vilnius

You can take the train ride provided by the Polish Railways (Line Regional) to get from Warsaw to Vilnius. The total travel duration is 11 hours and 41 minutes. The train ride is up to the station in Bilaystok only and from that point you can take the bus ride (Ecolines) that will take you to Vilnius. The total cost for this journey is US$27.

Airplane Ticket From Warsaw to Vilnius

There are two airlines that cover the Warsaw to Vilnius flight route; Air Baltic and LOT. The travel duration is one hour and 20 minutes. The air fare can be purchased at an estimate price of US$90 to US$170. To get the full details, visit: http://www.airbaltic.com/

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