A Tourist Guide To Portugal

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Portugal is a beautiful country in the Southern Europe that shares the Iberian Peninsula with Spain at the Western end. The country has a unique and rich culture that attracts millions of guests to the country yearly, culturally and geographically isolated somewhat from Spain. The beautiful countryside and great cities that are in Portugal have made the country to mention when tourism is mentioned as one of the world’s best value destinations. There are lots of activities that keep visitors busy when they are in the country, the green mountains in the Northern part of the country can travelled in a single day and the experience that is felt when climbing the rocky mountains that have a lot of spectacular slopes and falls when you get to the center is mind-blowing.

The Beauty


The glamorous and exotic beach holiday’s destination in Algarve can better be experienced than talked about.  It is one holiday location in the world that is unique and has an air of affluence and Mother Nature that is not defiled by the activities of man. The weather condition and the golfing structures has made Portugal to be a haven for golfers around the world. Portugal was listed by Readers of Golfers Today as the "Best Golf Destination 2008" and fourteen of  the country's courses  have been rated in the top 100 best in Europe.

The Experience

For tourists who are looking for a condensed view of the continent’s cultures, landscapes and their lifestyle, Portugal can be the perfect place to be. There are lots of festivals and events that are experienced around the year, usually during the month of May and June, there are lots of music festivals in Portugal. The classic and opera music festivals make Portugal a lovely and romantic country to visit when you are there. During the Easter period, parades, dancing, singing and lots of activities are experienced.

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The Christmas period gives Portugal another view with its sparkling decorations in every city and lots of fun and festivals to indulge in.


The Weather And Climate

Weather forecasts in Portugal would help you in visiting the country at the best time, from the summer period to the winter season

  • The month with the lowest temperature is January having  the day with 14°C and Night 9°C
  • July is the best weather month with the day having  31°C  and  Night 19°C
  • The cheapest Portugal Regular deals begins from 312€ for a four  day trip
  • January is the cheapest month to visit Portugal
  • December is the most expensive month to visit Portugal

The best time to visit Portugal


Coming to Portugal depends on what you want to do in the country. From late June to August, the temperature may be on the high side and December to February is never too cold . November  and March can be a good time to sunbath and swim around. The best time to visit Portugal can be during the late spring and early autumn when the weather is beautiful and there are lots of activities for visitors.

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