Lisbon The Europe Charismatic Capital

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Lisbon has become one destination that a lot of may not be able to get enough of it. There are a lot of things that you can do while in this city. When it comes to weekend break, Lisbon which is the capital of Portugal offers you something charismatic.  There are a lot of things that you would love like the accommodation and the meals that are offered here.


How do you start your time in one of the charismatic capital of Europe? You can start a long weekend break at the five star Altis grand hotel that is at the center of Pombaline district.  This is one of the finest hotels in Europe and it is contemporary and elegant. There is a spa service for you especially if you are coming out of the plane.  The lobby here is futuristic and design is amazing and cool. For those who are thinking of a luxury place to lodge, this is the place that they would need.

You can take a walk towards one of the boulevards in Lisbon, Avenida da Liberdade, this place will take you to a riverfront that is legendary to the city. There is also the Rua Augusta Arch that is close to the Commerce Square or the Praca do Comercio. This was designed after an earthquake in 1755 to commemorate the reconstruction of the city.


This arch has been opened to the public and it will offer you a spectacular view of the River Tagus.  When you have the Lisboa Card that goes for €39 for 72 hours, you will be given a free ride on the city’s public transportation. This is what may take you to different parts of the city to see a lot of things.

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You can check the Praca do Comercio where a new shop is opened, the Lisboa Story Centre, this is a multi-sensory tourist guide to Lisbon’s history. This spans twenty centuries and it is an accumulation of a lot of things that have been put in a film that is very dramatic. The 1755 historical events and even the rebuilding of city which was taken care of by Marquis of Pombal can be seen.


Sao Jorge Castle is a place that heavily commands respect on top of a hill. The historic trams can take you to this place or you may trek here if you are willing to take that action.  This is one place you would love to be around. It offers tourists a lot of things. The Alfama which is the city’s oldest place has become where a lot of visitors can be seen.   This part had survived the earthquake and  there are a lot of things that you can find.  Some of the finest Fado apartments are found here and you would be embraced by the melancholy folk music.

We can talk about the urban culture that is thriving and it is something that you would appreciate when you come here. A visit to the Cais do Sodre, can make your day. You would see the biggest food market in Lisbon at the Mercado da Ribeira.  People come here to buy a lot of things and you will see souvenirs that are very affordable.


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