Visiting Coimbrao In Portugal

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Our Great Vacation in Coimbrao

Last year I went to Portugal as part of my European tour with my friends. We managed to visit a lot of places in Portugal and Spain as well, so I’d like to tell you about my trip to Coimbrao. It’s a place in Leiria, which is pretty mush as the middle part of Portugal, right near the Eastern coastline.

My girlfriend and I love to travel, and choosing this European tour was really great. But stopping in Coimbrao was definitely a great experience. We love the European tour and all, but being able to stop for nice soak in the sea while enjoying the sun was a much needed thing for us to do. Coimbrao in Portugal gave us this much needed break. The climate there was really nice and warm. It wasn’t too hot but just right for a great time enjoying the outdoors.

travel to Coimbrao

Just having a Good time

Coimbrao is just a short distance away from Perdogao Beach, where you can have a great time to relax. It turns out that this spot isn’t too much of a tourist destination which is great if you want to get away from the crowds. Locals however still flock to the area so I didn’t feel like we were the only ones there. The summer season will bring in a lot of people however, as I experienced during my trip. But all in all it was just the right mix of people and fun for me.

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travel to Coimbrao

There are a lot of bars that line the beach, and you can also find a lot of food stalls if you’re hungry. The food was great since it featured a lot of Mediterranean dishes, which I really liked. There was plenty of beer and alcohol as well to keep you going for a great night out. Still in Coimbrao, you can go to Vieria Beach. It is another beach town much like Perdagao. You can also visit this beach. I found it to be much of the same, but still quite nice.

At night, we found that there were a lot of great clubs for dancing. They aren’t as fancy as any of the lounges and clubs back home but they did have greta music and the beach atmosphere provided a great background. You can dance until the wee hours of the morning before you return to your hotel to sleep until noon. Just like we did! It was great though and lots of fun.

travel to Coimbrao

While we stayed in Coimbrao, there were some other places we visited near the area like the Ervideira Lagoon. It’s a freshwater lagoon which is perfect if you’re looking for a place to camp out and enjoy nature. We just had a sort of picnic when we were there as I still preferred staying inside a hotel.

It is a few miles from Coimbrao but worth visiting when you’re in the area. If you’re into camping or the outdoors, then you should take time to visit this. I found it to be quite relaxing and great for a quick dip.

Other areas near Coimbrao
We did visit several other areas in Portugal, but I’ll save that for another story. However if you’re in Coimbrao, you may want to head up to Figueria da Foz. It’s a great place for water sports and beaches as well. I saw it and it was really nice, not as quiet as Coimbrao though. Here is where the rivers from Portugal meet with the ocean, making it a great site to see.

Coimbrao also has plenty of old European charm from what I saw. In Leiria, there are some museums, small castles and churches which make for nice backgrounds in your pictures. I found out several places to go to by asking the hotel as well as the local tourist offices near the area. They were very helpful in their suggestions.

travel to Coimbrao

Food in Portugal is great!

Since it’s near the ocean, there’s plenty of seafood everywhere we ate. I also found that they have plenty of wild meat that they hunt such as boar (which I didn’t try) and plenty of regular meat as well like beef, chicken and pork (which I did try.)

The way they cook is very Mediterranean so I saw a lot of olive oil being used which I guess was great. But if you’re looking to cut down on your food, then you can try and order healthier dishes instead. But when you’re on vacation, a bit of indulgence should be okay, just like in my case. Aside from the great food, they also have great desserts here! The pastries and bread are so good. People really do line up for them, I swear!

So as you can see, you don’t have to worry about food here. It maybe a lot different from I’ve eaten back home, but it’s still super delicious. And you’ll find there are several options which won’t really break the bank. Many cafes don’t have a menu too so I asked for prices before I ordered them. This way I didn’t end up blowing my vacation money on food.

Tips from Me
Getting around Coimbrao was easy since it’s really just a small place. I’ve found though that going by way of car can be a somewhat unnerving experience. Most Portuguese drivers have a tendency to drive recklessly and so it can be pretty hard to manage the roads if you’re not a local driver. I made some arrangements with my hotel for car services or just took the bus and trains when I could.

There are plenty of hotels in the area. I also saw a lot of youth hostels which frequently took in backpackers or those looking to save an extra buck or two. Generally speaking, the area is pretty safe to be in so accommodations shouldn’t be a problem.

Going out for the night is pretty okay as well. But since we were all girls, it’s important to not make yourself into a target of anything. So just be aware, and it’s best to stick with your friends and avoid any seedy or dark places.

I was told as well to be careful of pickpockets and other petty thieves. They’re not something you need to constantly watch out for, but just like any big city, they’re always there.

Talking to them isn’t really a problem. I knew a bit of Spanish so I could understand some of the words, but generally if you talk in English you can get your message across. Not everyone speaks it fluently though, so don’t rush whenever you’re speaking to someone. I found that speaking slowly and combining this with hand gestures made transactions so much easier.

So all in all Coimbrao was a nice break and stop in our European tour!

Surely, it’s not the most beautiful place on earth but it still provided us with a great time with the beaches and the night life we enjoyed. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of things to do there especially if you’re looking for a quiet place to take a break if you’re in Portugal.

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