Five Funs Things To Do In Doha

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Have you ever have ever visited  the magical city of Doha? You may not want to get missing when it comes to the activities that have been lined up for you. There is just something about Doha that you would love to see and do. This is now becoming another Mecca for those who appreciate the good things of life and want to enjoy to its fullest. What is it that you want during your break or vacation? We have seen a lot of wishes come true during visits to Doha.  Every part of the city has a story to tell and you are just going to love it. No matter what drives you to Doha, you are going to love every bit of it and we must tell you that you got the whole time to make an impressive feat when you start exploring the city, you may never know what to expect or what you are going to find when you are here. There is no time of the year that you would not have a fun filled time. The city has become a hub for those who are on transit especially while traveling with the Qatar Airways.

Explore Doha

Experience Doha’s  Heritage and Culture

You are going to see the ancient blend with the modern city when you find its culture and rich heritage. You are going to find numerous forts and towers that have the richness of urbanization and ancient are standing side by side. Doha Fort has a lot of things in stock for you which is the reason why people who are thinking of exploring the Middle East come around Doha to have an amazing moment.  There is even the oldest museum in Qatar  here and the traditional handcrafts can be bought as souvenirs.

Shopping Experience In Doha

There are a lot of things to buy and you just cannot stop shopping even when you believe that you have bought enough things to bring home.  The shops are specially stocked with goods that you would love and if you are not careful, you may spend more than you budgeted for.  You can spend the entire day here  if it is window shopping .

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 The Local Arts, Culture and Religion

You would find the esoteric feeling around the city when you are here which is the reason why people who visit Doha always get closer to their faith in this Muslim country. There are a lot of reasons why the local arts, culture and religion in the city is exotic; it is because of the respect that is accorded to the three aspects. You would love to mingle with the entertainment and the culture. Get ready for a wonderful time when you are here.


The Corniche

 A cuisine that you take on Dhow can be something that you would forget in a hurry. Dhow is  atraditional boat that is famous for taking tourists on ride  where they can see some of the best boats if the city. When you walk through the Corniche, you are going to experience a romantic exploration that would get you moving.

Jazz Experience at Lincoln Center Doha

Nothing feels so soothing as the jazz performance at the St. Regis Doha.


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