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Five Beautiful Places In Russia

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Russia is a country with a big touristic potential, however it is still far away from being a popular tourist destination. It is unfair but there are several reasons for that. First of all at times of USSR the borders of the country were closed or at least not available for everyone.  Another reason is language. In the past there were just a few USSR citizens who could really communicate in foreign language. Today the situation is different. Russia is still kind of another planet but this planet is interesting and available for explorations. Let’s see what are the five beautiful places in Russia:




The capital of Russia and one of the most expensive city in the world. Moscow is an essential of visiting Russia. Just here you can see how wide is the term Russian. Moscow is the city where people immigrate in order to find a better life , however that road to success is not so easy and city’s life is representing is perfectly. The most famous sight here are the Red Square and Kremlin. Those are also the ones who are very involved in Russian political life. For example Lenin’s Mausoleum is also located nearby. Communism is not anymore considered as a leading ideology but Lenin, the father of social revolution is still resting in peace in the centre of the city, isn’t it fascinating?


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St Petersburg

 St. Petersburg

St Petersburg is considered to be the cultural capital of Russia. The most intelligent people with the clearest Russian live here. Besides that it is considered to be the most European city in Russia. One of the most popular tourist sight here is The Hermitage Museum, so-called Russian Louvre. Another must see place is Tsarskoye Selo- a former imperial residence. Best examples of architecture and two parks around the area make

this place a beautiful one. Apart from that one can visit  Pushkin museum here. Pushkin, an author of Eugene Onegin was and still is an icon of Russian poetry and literature.





Meet the third capital of Russia- Kazan. It is a great place to see “another Russia”- asian one. The city is impressively ancient- in 2005 it turned 1000 years old. The must see sight of the city are Annunciation Cathedral, Kazan Kremlin and the Old Tatar Settlement. What is interesting to observe is how Christianity and Islam coexist here. In 1994 the building of the church of all religion has started. Probably the weirdest citizen of Kazan-Ildar Hanov decided to build a structure like this in his garden. Already for 16 years this crazy project  attract attention of locals and visitors.


Lake Baikal

 Lake Baikal

Baikan is the deepest freshwater lake in the world. It is said that the lake contains about  20% of the world's unfrozen surface fresh water. Surprisingly, the area remains quite untouched and the nature around could safe it’s unique flora and fauna. Don’t be surprised if you’ll hear about the Baikal Sea. Among locals it is mostly known as a sea because of it’s size and deepness.




Sochi is the Olympic capital of Russia. The country invested a lot of sources  in renewing and building the city. This is a place to see today’s Russian vision on architecture and urban areas  development . Sochi were always quite famous inside the country. Numerous sanatoriums and wellness complexes were one of the most popular holiday destination amount soviet workers.



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