Moscow To Kirov By Train

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Moscow and its Kremlin Walls and Towers are very impressive, stylish, mysterious and beautiful. Once you get inside the atmosphere becomes even more mystical as you discover a thick wall surrounding the palace with an average height of 2,235 meters by 19 meters  made to protect Russia from external attacks by outside forces.

Moscow to Kirov By Train


Kirov’s Alexander Garden is one of the oldest parks in the city. The park is a monument to Peter and Fevronia, who are revered in Russia as the protector of the family. After strolling through the alleys of the park, you can go across the bridge across the ravine and down the embankment.

Here are the available modes of transport from Moscow to Kirov.

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Moscow to Kirov By Train

The railway transport is possible by taking the Russian Railways train (Line Express) starting from the Moskva Iaroslavskaja train station and bound to the city of Kirov. The railway transport duration is 12 hours and 25 minutes. The cost of the one way ticket ranges from US$30 to US$40. To get the latest schedule and make reservations, check out:

Moscow to Kirov By Train

Moscow to Kirov By Bus

The distance between Moscow to Kirov is 960 km. There are two bus rides to complete when travelling from Moscow to Kirov. First, take the Mr. Trans bus that hails from Moskva Kazansky bus terminal and bound to the Yoshkar-Ola bus station. Next, take an AutoVokzal bus from Yoshkar-Ola that goes straight to the city of Kirov. The total travel time is 19 hours and 5 minutes. The one way bus ticket price ranges from US$18 to US$25.

Driving from Moscow to Kirov is a practical option; the travel time is 13 hours and 33 minutes.

Moscow to Kirov By Plane

There is one commercial flight that covers the Moscow to Kirov flight route. Take the direct flight from RusLine via 7R137 from the Moscow Domodedovo airport that is bound to Kirov. The travel duration is one hour and 30 minutes and the plane ticket costs US$220. To get the full details, check:

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