Train Ticket From Podolsk To Tver

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The Podolsk Museum of Local Lore is a great place to learn the history of the city. It is modern and cozy and it is gratifying to see that it reflects all times starting from the Soviet era and of course, during the Great Patriotic War. It is a pity that the tour has no audio guide, but in general everything is clear.

Train Ticket From Podolsk To Tver


Tver City is where the father of Russian Literature is given a tribute. It is interesting to know that the Great Russian poet, like the city of Tver was honored there. He travelled extensively from Moscow to Sao Petersburg and enjoyed staying in Tver. His most famous book Eugenio Oneguin has been translated into different languages.

Here are the available modes of transport from Podolsk to Tver.

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Bus Ticket From Podolsk To Tver

The distance between Podolsk to Tver is 209 km. The Volgaline Tiaga Bus transport company covers the bus route from Podolsk to Tver daily. You must take the Volgaline bus that hails from the bus terminal in Orekhovo to Tver bus station. The travel time is four hours and 45 minutes. The one way bus fare can be purchased for US$20. To get the full information, visit this site:

Driving from Podolsk to Tver is another option; the travel time is two hours and 55 minutes.

Train Ticket From Podolsk To Tver

Train Ticket From Podolsk To Tver

There are three train rides to complete when travelling via railway transport from Podolsk to Tver. First, take the train ride via Domodedovo Airport Shuttle that hails from the train station in пл. Калинина that is bound to the Paveletsky Rail Terminal. From here, take the Moscow MetroLine Koltsevaya that is bound to Komsomolskaya train station. From here, take the Russian Railways train that is bound to Tver. The total travel time is three hours and 20 minutes. The ticket price ranges from US$34 to US$44. To get the details, check:

Airplane Ticket From Podolsk To Tver

The Podolsk to Tver flight route is not covered by any air transport provider. 

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