Travel To Saint Barthelemy

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Saint Barthelemy, also known as St. Bart is a very beautiful chic Caribbean Island for a winter getaway that no one can afford to miss. Are you planning for a great holiday to a very serene destination? I just feel that this Saint Barthelemy must be the best place for you to have you superior tour in ideal attractions that will make you feel the heavenly relaxation that you have ever wanted in your life. It has marvellous attractions for everyone whether you are from Europe, North America, South Africa, France, Germany or even Africa. This is the best place to enjoy your holiday by having a fresh moment in the isolated beaches as you have nude sunbathing to soothe your body. I once visited this place when I wanted to relax after a very tedious work that I had in the office. I just decided to have some time to myself to enjoy the nature, the sunbathing, the museums, the wildlife, the waters and everything else in this place just to please myself and become rejuvenated again in life. I was not disappointed and that is the reason am writing to inform you that this is the place that is worth visiting one of these fine days.

 Travel to Saint Barthelemy

When I reached Saint Barthelemy, I decided to first have my way to the St. Barth Municipal Museum which is mainly known as the Musee Municipal de St. Barthelemy. This museum is the wonderful history archive to visit for great history knowledge. It has almost all the historical and cultural events as well as the activities about St. Bart. All these are in the form of marvellous photographs, exhibitions, documents and e also through the lives of plants and animals in the Island. The museum is a bit small but it will give you very excellent ideas of the culture and history of this wonderful tiny Island. I was out to make a great adventure so I decided to dare go out of the way to find this place and I really enjoyed myself. I had a sightseeing that was very astounding and heavenly. The exhibitions were presented in a very logical manner and I was able to learn a lot.

 Travel to Saint Barthelemy

Sometimes I’m religious and I love to learn more about religion and how people worship in their own different ways. This instinct in me provoked me to visit the Eglise St. Barthelemy church of St. Bartholomew. This is a glamorous historical and religious site to be visited by everyone who loves history and religion. The church was actually built way back in the 1108. The structure is very unique and I think it must be encouraging the spirits to come to the people as they worship. It is a twin tower church with a loom overhead, baptismal front cast and it is made of very fine metals. It is indeed a building of the 12th century built in high relief figures against a very smooth background to symbolize the 12 Apostles. That was a reminiscent metal sculpture that you can never find anywhere else. I learnt a lot about the church and some Christian doctrines. Being was more of a blessing and relaxation of my body and soul.

 Travel to Saint Barthelemy

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I also visited another beautiful little church in Montauroux, France called the Eglise Saint Barthelemy Cathedral church right in the hill village in Var. This is a very quiet and magnificent place in the Montauroux. It is really worth visiting even though it is right in the middle of the village. This one of the major cathedral churches in this place. It is a great attraction that is full of escapade as you climb the hill to get to the church. I wanted to hire some taxi to take me to the church but I realized that I can get more physically fit as I enjoy the nature and all that I could see while I was climbing the hill slowly at my own pace. I got a bit tired but I never give up any easily because I love adventure and am also physically fit so climbing the hill was not a problem at all. The church was well decorated and built in a very glorious manner that is very admirable even to those who are not saints at all.

 Travel to Saint Barthelemy

Before I could get out of Montauroux, I also decided to take another walk to the Chappell at saint Barthelemy where I had the opportunity to listen to great piano concert. The chapel was looking great from the interior. It had special paint scenes on the walls and the ceilings that were looking spectacular in this old chapel in the city. It is believed that Christian Dior helped in the restoration of this chapel before he passed on. That was a very tremendous small venue to visit and get entertained with great music and a piano concert. One of the locals actually advised me to attend the piano concert and I came out very revitalized and feeling awesome. It was very wonderful to listen to those tunes and you just relax in the chairs. I was not even able to feel the discomfort of the chairs that other people who had gone there told me about.

 Travel to Saint Barthelemy

Climbing the mountain is one thing that I love so much in my life. I can choose to climb a mountain the whole day rather than swimming for some few minutes or just having a sightseeing event. I went to vallone di Saint Barthelemy Mountains in Nus Italy. Climbing this mountain as I had a great time with nature was something very memorable to me. It connects your spirit with the creator of all these wonderful creations on earth as you look at that magnificent mountain in Lus. The locals were also very friendly and they helped me to get to the right destination. This kind of life is something that I would want to have frequently. When I told my boyfriend recently about this, he wanted us to plan for another to St. Barth the two of us so that he can also have the taste of what I had experienced there. He is very fond of nature and especially mountains.

 Travel to Saint Barthelemy

I also went to Grenelle in Paris where I visited this particular small shop for cheese. It is a very popular cheese shop among the local residents in this place and I came to love it so much. I love shopping and this cheese shop made me love shopping even more. I could smell the appetizing fragrance of cheeses before I even entered inside the shop. This aroma made my saliva rolling and I could not wait any longer but to get inside and shop for some little. They have very nice and delicious French cheese that no one can resistant. I even decided to have some more to carry home so I could make some nice pizza with them.

 Travel to Saint Barthelemy

I had to spend my last day in one of the top rated hotels in Saint Barthelemy before I call my tour off and travel back home. I did an earlier booking in this Manoir Larose Hotel and I finally arrived there, it was much better than what I had expected. The hotel was very clean and well kept with wonderful reception as well as delicious meals to water your mouth. The surrounding was quite serene and quiet which gave me a lovely relaxation as I spent my time away from the common regular noise and work in the city. This was just amazing, very extravagant yet affordable. The experience here was breathtaking and I am actually in dire need to go there again very soon.

 Travel to Saint Barthelemy

I realized that some places can make you the best and happiest person you have ever wanted to be and when you come out of there you just feel renewed with strength and hope to live again. Saint Barthelemy is one such place...  


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Thank you for taking us around posh St Barth !

Us French are calling it the St Tropez of the Caribbean for its high concentraion of jet setters, which spoils a little bit the authenticity of the the place, I suppose, but I am sure that it must be a delight to enjoy the hospitality !



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