Fun Filled Days In Saint Vincent & The Grenadines

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St. Vincent and the Grenadines, an island that is made up of 32 islands, is a magnetic place for your holidays. The Island is embellished with large number of attractions. The beautiful gardens, lovely mountains, and cool beaches among many more scenic attractions have earned St. Vincent and the Grenadines an incredible name among many tourists who stream in there every year. The welcoming weather also plays a great role in bringing in many visitors. We visited the islands as a group of seven to enjoy these beauties that were not yet seen by us. The experiences we had were fantastic leaving me with a desire to share them to all and sundry.

 Fun filled days in Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

We hit the road to our long awaited adventure at the beautiful Botanical Gardens of St Vincent. The site was so scenic. It offered a real life satisfaction. We had fun walking through the attractive paths that separated lovely and stunning flowers that seemed to have been planted by proficient florists. They were so charming. The vast collection of all types of flowers in the world tarnished the whole environ with a sweet smelling aroma that we thought we had travelled to a different planet or heaven. This experience was so superior. The trees too were amazing. They were spick and span green with lots of leaves offering a first rate shade from the scorching sun that had appeared a few hours ago. We loved all these wonders so much and were in high spirits that our visit had kicked off with a delightful mood. It was so pleasing to be there as we interacted with the affable guides who toured us all around the garden explaining and appreciating the beautiful history of the garden whose foundation was laid by the then British ruler General Robert Melville. The gardens were more amusing than we had thought. There was a captivating Nicholas Wildlife Aviary that housed an astounding cage of the beautiful St Vincent Parrot. We really had merry being imitated by this little creature that was so skillful in getting every word that we spoke. It was surely worth visiting the gardens.

 Fun filled days in Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

Next on our adventure list was the dazzling La Soufriere Volcano that stood at an altitude of about 4000 feet. The mountain was impressive and inviting. Its bottom was formidable with infinite attractive foliage that gave us all desire to ascend the mount and explore more of its beauty. The atmosphere too was tranquil. We hiked up through a lovely twirling path that took us about an hour to reach the pinnacle. Along the path we mesmerized eating bananas that were all over the many banana plants that had sprouted amidst the other wild flora. We liked this experience very much. The summit exhibited beautifully an idiosyncratic crater that was a must to see.  We tumbled down into the caldera along a rope. This move was a bit frightening as we had to move down one at a time. We however managed and cherished ourselves for the great success. The lava pitch in the crater was so spectacular.  We took several photos of ourselves before it to keep that enthralling feeling in our books of good memories. We would love to visit this volcano again.

 Fun filled days in Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

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Having had a wonderful and tough journey up and down the La Soufriere Volcano, we toured the stirring Trinity falls. The falls are located a few meters from the lovely Richmond town. We enthralled walking in the company of a nice and sociable guide who took us down to the base of the fall giving us much of its history. This guide was impeccable. The water drop down was so catchy. We were totally immersed in the beautiful feeling and hardly turned our eyes away as we wanted to catch a clear glimpse of every water drop that amazingly turned into mist before hitting the fall’s bottom. Though the fall was only a few feet high, we could hardly swim in the waters as the guide insisted on them being dodgy. We however, blushed off that disbelieve and got into a photo session where we captured the many beauties within the fall and more enjoyed the serene atmosphere. It was indeed a remarkable moment. Our visit was going great.

 Fun filled days in Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

Sailing on the elegant Octopus Yacht was yet another incredulity moment we marveled at. The yacht was so imposing. It had the greatest design that welcomed us right from far. We started our sail with an exciting guide towards the far end that was not so clear. It was so good being in the waters as we had never had a chance to move across such colossal waters. The water was so clean and clear tempting us greatly to dive into them. We also enjoyed touching the water that was notably cool helping us clear the heat that had filled the whole area. We sailed down to several islands each time thinking that we had been dreaming. The Tobacco Keys which was our last destination with Octopus was one of its kind. We were offered the sweetest foods and drinks we had ever had making us want to spend the rest of our time there. They were surely beyond comparison and would definitely sail again on this stunning yacht to Tobacco Keys.

 Fun filled days in Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

We could hardly leave St Vincent before visiting the impeccable Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary. This was a personal project that is owned by Mr. King but a stunning and astonishing site. There were hordes of good looking turtles both babies and adult ones.  We were amazed by the history the wonderful Mr. King gave us and were more shocked to learn that people fed occasionally on the beautiful turtles and their eggs. I had never imagined somebody eating any of this. The most interesting moment that we had was when Mr. King allowed us to feed the little turtles. It was also striking to touch and feel their hard and rough shells. They were surely worthy of being taken several photos and so took several, most of them holding the little creatures. The lovely goats within the charming sanctuary were another worthwhile attraction. We enjoyed admiring and touching them. They looked so beautiful and one could easily confuse them for antelopes. Mr. King was surely amazing. It was hard to believe how he had managed to maintain such beauties all alone. We would definitely pay his enticing park again.

 Fun filled days in Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

The inspiring Mayreau Catholic Church was another site we had spellbind fun visiting. The church rests on top of Mayreau Hill. The church was beautifully designed and located on an extraordinary site. We walked inside where we found few believers doing their usual things. The altar was designed in the most moving plans that could only bring a feeling of being in a holy place. It was surely magical. We relaxed there for some time enjoying the cool tranquil atmosphere that surrounded every part of this spiritual ground. Its outside was also alluring. We were able to catch glimpses of the vast water body that lay open below the hill. We were very grand that our trip was going perfect and more than we had expected.

 Fun filled days in Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

We finally ceased our lovely adventure at the Mopion beach. The beach was spectacular with fine white sand. The waters were crystal blue and clean tempting us to swim in them and sure we did. It was a magnificent feeling swimming below these waters and fighting the little waves that were periodically forming. We then had a breath taking spell stretching out on the sand, watching and admiring the blue low waves. It was a great experience. One can hardly stockpile the beauties abhorred by the enchanting St Vincent and Grenadines Island. We would only visit it again to see more of its excellent wonders.

 Fun filled days in Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

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