A Memorable Tour Of San Marino

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Resting on the 657m protrusion of a rock and at the middle of Italy is the San Marino state of Europe. Though the third smallest state in Europe, San Marino is perfectly a hot tourism spot that has lots of captivating and stunning attractions. The Government palace, the fortresses, the Basilica and museums are among the major motives why millions of tourists congregate in San Marino day in day out. San Marino is also popularly known for its mind blogging superb landscape that extends over a vast area and its tranquil Mediterranean climate. Being the start of our work holiday, my husband and I chose to visit San Marino to experience and marvel at the captivating beauty so told by many.  The unflustered atmosphere that was so welcoming and the notable alluring beauty of San Marino gave me a great urge to share with all who are planning to travel for their holidays.

 A memorable tour of San Marino

We started off at the striking Monte Titano, which is a spectacular site, a must visit. Right at the base, we could not help appreciating the cool and soothing ambiance the mountain offered. It was very peaceful and relaxing. We walked up the Monte  Titano  along a meandering route each time gaining more vivacity to reach the pinnacle and sure we did. Here the popular Cesta Tower stood upright exhibiting its beauty. Cesta tower housed the Museum of Archaic arms that included the coats of armor, bows, firearms, arrows, side-arms, lances, crossbows and spears all dating back into the history of 1800. We had a great time understanding each of the attractive weapons. Moreover, the tower had several prisons. The tower also offered first rate and lucid views of the surrounding eye-catching landscape. The fortress territory was so tempting that we took several photos to keep good memories of the dazzling Cesta fortress. It was a really wonderful experience.

 A memorable tour of San Marino

Apart from the Cesta tower, the Guaita Tower was also worth a visit.  The Guaita Tower lies on a Pentagonal base on the Mount Titano.  The so called First Tower was real place of adventure. At the entrance was a rococo coat of arms that indicated some sense of a communal place. It was also wonderful to view and explore the two-folds of walls, the peripheral wall of merlons and the truncating walls at the corners that definitely offered a good resort of refuge in case of danger. It was also a fantastic moment to scrutinize the amiable beauty abhorred by San Marino as it offered a complete 360 degrees view. We felt very lucky to have found these stunning towers and we vowed to visit the place again on our next visit to San Marino.  Our visit was going great.

 A memorable tour of San Marino

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The conspicuous and enthralling Palazzo Pubblico was another site we mesmerized and cherished visiting. Its captivating massive architectural design was something not to miss. It was so beautiful .We walked round merrily taking photos. Near its summit was a stunning sculpture that symbolized a great leader and this was enough info that this was a government  building. The statue was of Saint Marino. We then walked inside through the slender streets that were very attractive to look at and more so walk along. Its interior layout was very astounding and inviting. It was a place worth of taking photos as they are not outlawed and so we took several. The place was so calm, quiet and thus embraced authentic peace. We were thus forced to take much of our time inside and be stuck on the spirit of peace. The quaint square inside the building was also a scenic site to spend some more meaningful time. It was decorated in a pleasing manner that suggested jubilant celebrations were held there. We only fantasized having our welding there. It was a great place and I requested my husband to celebrate our next welding anniversary there.

 A memorable tour of San Marino

We then moved to the stirring and most visited State museum of San Marino. The museum is known to have outstanding  well structured buildings ,virtuous composition of a variety of objects on display that are interesting and nice looking ,  and  for its wide ranging visitor kindliness and friendliness that will leave you to enjoy the pleasure of adventure. In fact the descriptions of items and products that we found inside the museum were well detailed;  this included the brand name of the artifacts, the artiste who played the great role in their formulation among others. Though small the place had very  interesting  exhibits and  two floors, the first Roman and the second  Medieval. We toured both floors and could only praise the efforts put forward by the different artists. The museum  also had a great deal of hotels and restaurant that offered 50% discounts on all visitors. We took a small rest  there enjoying sweet drinks and feeling the sensational atmosphere. We did enjoy viewing  the wonderful and  the whole mass of the attractive museums . I was grateful to my husband as the first thought of San Marino had come from him. It was indeed a remarkable visit.

 A memorable tour of San Marino

We then paid a visit to the great outdoors of San Marino to admire and extol the attractive, charming and interactive environment  around the fragranced pine forest that was a cool place to be, though a bit dangerous  and amazing due to the countless insects that we did  meet on the way. We found a sweet aroma marrying the whole surrounding such that it was a heaven like place .We spent most of our time sited in the midst of the forest chatting and laughing appreciating the nature walk. It was the first of its kind indeed a great walk thus the place is mostly suitable to free your mind basically from lots of work and may be stress. We were also fuelled with fervent fun from the precipitous slopes   neighboring the City as we were offered a wonderful chance to test the mountain bike trails by a friendly cyclist who my husband was partial about. I loved it more when my husband trailed away several meters cheering as if he had never rode on a bike before. Our trip was surely worth to mention.

 A memorable tour of San Marino

Just adjacent to this place was the beautiful Azure waters of the Adriatic coast that left us with an immense amusement. There was an amusing variety of activities taking place and if by chance it happened that you wouldn’t have liked anything, fishing or even riding could have made you enjoy and appreciate the place. After enjoying every bit of the great outdoors of San Marino, we concluded our spectacular journey at the waterways territory. The place is known to have amazing collection of fish species that serve a variety of restaurants and hotels neighboring the City. Due to large production of fish, I actually found the place in one of the restaurants cheap so we spent a night with my husband to fully enjoy the beautiful scenery of the place. We loved the place very much and would have to visit there again in our other many planned trips to San Marino.

 A memorable tour of San Marino

The famous San Marino outlet market was yet another amazing place that we could not bid San Marino adieu before visiting. The market looked so fabulous with lots of trendy displays at all spots. Charming and bona fide leather items were so enticing and demanded our attention forcefully. It was good to look and touch them. I actually rummaged through the numerous displays admiring and definitely searching for an astounding purse to carry with me. The market was extraordinarily fantastic with inconceivable prices on all items. I adored it and have to make several trips to this market for my shopping.

 A memorable tour of San Marino

San Marino was a perfect destination for our holiday. It made our trip the best of all the visits we had done. Actually we have to visit San Marino again.


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