Holidays In São Tomé And Príncipe

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In the Gulf of Guinea, is the second last Island and colony of Portuguese, Sao Tome and Principe Island, that can be a remarkable site for your holidays. Sao Tome and Principe abhors a wide varied composition of attractions. The Island has many gorgeous mountains, forts, beaches and plantations among many other charming attraction that continue luring thousands of tourists in the country. The Island is also known to have a tranquil atmosphere that is so welcoming and a wonderful landscape in which you will enjoy adventuring in. We visited the Island with my family at the begging of the Christmas holidays to enjoy admiring the beautiful scenery sites that are well placed within the Island. The experience we had was incredible and compelled me to tell it to all who are searching for a dramatic place for their holidays.

Holidays in São Tomé and Príncipe

We started off from the magnificent Monte Café which is popularly known for its vast amusing coffee plantation. The site was spectacular. Our curious eyes were perfectly awash with panoramic views of the whole greenly territory. We enjoyed walking through the coffee bushes each time picking several attractive red berries that had covered a better part of all the coffee plants. It was a remarkable moment. We were accompanied by a fabulous guide who acquainted us with a lot of the plantation’s history. We learnt that it was established during the colonial era of the Portuguese. There were also numerous individuals whom we were told embraced the Creole mores and who did not return to Portugal even after the tough struggle for independence ended. They continued manning the farm. There was also a gorgeous waterfall by the name Saint Nicholas’ within the plantation that ensured a breath taking atmosphere. It was indeed cool. We walked there with our cups of coffee that we had bought to a striking point where we were able to catch clear sight of the whole fall while enjoying the coffee. We loved it very much though we hardly saw any water as all of it had turned into mist. The site was surely worth of photos and so we took several. It was indeed a hot spot to start off our visit.

 Holidays in São Tomé and Príncipe

We then toured the dazzling Pico de Sao Tomé. This is the utmost mountain in the beautiful Sao Tome Island at a height of about 2024 meters. Climbing up the mountain was so spectacular. The mountain had several smaller attractive mountains. We ascended the first within two hours where we enjoyed watching the many green and whitish plants. The whitish ones were mostly bushy plants. We liked being there as we climbed up capturing as many photos as we could. The second mountain was also fabulous with similar vegetation as the first one. We were now nearing the summit and gained more vivacity to ascend the last one and within no time, we had arrived at the pinnacle where we met forthcoming guides readily waiting for us .They started taking us around the peak which they told us was dubbed  Mesa. It was indeed a scenic site with strange plants that we had not seen before. We learnt that that area was what is popularly known as the tropical Jungle and housed more than 800 differently types of plants. We were particularly interested in the charming orchid plant and took it several photos. The birds too were amazing and countless. There were all types of them and we loved listening to them do their usual chipping which was so harmonious. Spending the night at Mesa was the most interesting part as we continued witnessing the beauties. We lit a small fire to keep the cold away. This was an amusing experience.         

 Holidays in São Tomé and Príncipe

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We then proceeded to the amusing Bom Bom Resort. The beach was impeccable with a rain forest full of soaring trees that were so beautiful to look at and lovely white sand. The trees made the whole beach area encompass a remarkable cool climate. We enjoyed walking through the trees analyzing and appreciating their beauty. We then moved to the waters for a diving session. The waters were incredibly warm and clean. They were so temping that we opted to dive deep into them to explore more of their wonders. It was indeed a notable moment as we came across several fishes which were nice looking. We tried to catch several of them where our efforts were successful as we caught two of them. This experience was so moving. We then went to bask in the high sun that was appealing as we continued owning the whole resort. It was more fun full as there were very few tourists and so we were able to do our exploration peacefully.  We also enjoyed taking a few drinks from there which we bought from the well kept shops surrounding the resort. Our trip was surely going great.

 Holidays in São Tomé and Príncipe

The striking Fao Sao Sebastiao fort was another place we mesmerized visiting. The fort is now considered as the National Museum of Sao Tome. The fort exhibited an enticing fortification. We liked walking in its inside. Its interior design was impressive and full of carvings.  There were several good looking small rooms that were separated by thin truncating walls making the whole place appear more of a hiding resort or a treasured office of the early Portuguese. It was however a nice site worth a visit. The fort housed the stunning museum. This museum seemed so modern with lots of well arranged displays of varying artifacts. We liked very much the design that was used to formulate the carvings as we had never seen of it earlier. The guides too were charming and interactive. They toured us all through the vast museum reveling to us all the details of the astounding relics. That art work was definitely worth of photos and we took several while sauntering around the attractive room. We also had a fabulous time touching most of them and comparing them to the many other pieces we had seen in other museums. This experience was wonderful and we loved visiting the site again.

 Holidays in São Tomé and Príncipe

We then headed to the capital city of Sao Tome. This city was a bit surprising but an exciting place to visit. There were lots of massive and impressive buildings all portraying a Portuguese early architectural design. They looked compelling and we appreciated the Portuguese for having laid such enthralling buildings in the captivating Sao Tome and Principe country. We walked along several streets where   our inquisitive eyes always met disbelieve. There were very few shops and groceries. There were however too tempting that we walked into one of them for some lovely nice ham and appetizing cheese. We swallowed them hungrily as their sweetness could not allow us wasting any minute with them. We also got a great chance to interact with some delightful locals who helped us put in the picture of the amazing city into our minds. We also visited one well placed café for some mouth watering local meal. It was indeed a worthy time walking in this town.              

 Holidays in São Tomé and Príncipe

We finally graced our visit by visiting the gorgeous waterfall of Cascadas DA Sao Nicolau. The site was so scenic with a mammoth plant coverage on both sides of the fall. These pretty plants were there for a cause as they made the whole place look lively. We enjoyed trespassing through them to the lower sides where we were able to get clear views of the whole mind blogging fall. The fall was full of pristine clear water though hardly any water was in sight as thick mist of the falling water had covered the whole area. There was also a charming stream that carried the falls water away to a destination that was not known to us. We enjoyed taking some of its water and also had fabulous time watching the cocoa plantations that were only a few meters from the fall.

 Holidays in São Tomé and Príncipe

Our visit was the best we had ever experienced and so we even started planning for a second visit to Sao Tome and Principe.  

 Holidays in São Tomé and Príncipe

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