My beautiful Umrha Pilgrimage

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After researching many Umrah/specialist companies in the UK. I took the decision to go for my pigrimage with British Hajj & Umrah Services in Preston. After the initial fears of the unknown, I was delighted with this companies services. I was greeted by the companies representative in Jeddah, taken in a GMC limosine to Makkah. I stayed at the Huda Kareem Hotel which was near by and of 4 star standard. Seeing the Ka'abah for the first time was a feeling I have never experienced before, what an amazing feeling, I was filled with emotion and left with sadness that I had not come here earlier in my life time. I tried to make as many Tawafs as I possibly could trying to make the most of my short stay. After 5 days we went to Madinah and stayed at the Dar Ul Eiman Intercontinental, the location of this hotel is just fabulous right in front of Masjid-e- Nabawi. The peace and harmony I felt in Madinah was again nothing like I had ever experienced before.
I have now made my intention for Hajj and Inshallah I'll be travelling with British Hajj and Umrah Services.

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