Things To Do In Jeddah

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Jeddah is one of the most famous cities of Saudi Arabia and holds major attractions for tourists all around the world. Filled with sites like the amazing Floating Mosque and the Silver Sands Beach, Jeddah contains beautiful destinations and places for anyone to relish. In addition, its huge malls are all comfortable. 


When To Go:

Winter is the best time to go to Jeddah, as the temperatures are lower in this time period. The winter season begins in October and goes through March. Temperatures tend to stay within the range of 20 and 30 degrees Celsius. Jeddah is the gateway to Makah, which is flooded with pilgrims during the season of Hajj, so avoid it at this time. Summers in Jeddah are sweltering and humid and temperatures can go well above 40 degrees Celsius. In the summers, a festival called ‘Jeddah Ghir’ is held in the city.July is the hottest month. 

Visit Jeddah

During this festival, there are many fairs, including about 250 kinds of events consisting of competitions, exhibitions of photography and fine arts. The winter is ideal, however if you want to actually enjoy the outdoors and take part in the activities happening around.

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Presenting a compilation of the top things to do while in the city of Jeddah…


King’s Fountain

This fountain, also known as King Fahd’s Fountain, reaches a towering 853 ft. It’s known as the world’s tallest fountain and it’s anything but ordinary. You can see it from anywhere in Jeddah, but you absolutely must see it up close. It was donated by the King of Saudi Arabia to the city (thus the name).Construction started between 1980 and 1983. The water used in the fountain is from the Red Sea and is not fresh water.

King's Fahd's Fountain

The best parts are the lights that illuminate the fountain at night. There are over 500 of them! The fountain is very well-maintained, such that it has never stopped working in its over 20 years of construction. Amazing technology has been installed in the system to prevent the salty Red Sea water from eroding the metal.  At night, the King’s Fountain is one of the most heavenly views on the planet. The lighting with the water being thrown up at night is a beauty. This site can be very romantic if you choose the right time. Whether you go in the day or at night, you absolute have to take pictures. So go on and enjoy this fabulous attraction.


Al Tayebat International City

One of the grandest buildings in the city of Jeddah, this museum is worth a visit. With its beautiful and typical architecture, the Al Tayebat International City is one of the most visited places by tourists from all around the world. The museum is an entire city itself, saturated with history. Divided into 300 rooms in 12 buildings -  each represents a different culture - the Al Tayebat International city is vast and worth exploring. The museum was originally the palace of the late Sheikh Abdul Rauf Khalil, a wealthy merchant dedicated to making museums all across Jeddah. The palace has Hijazi architecture and is made from red sea coral block and limestone. The building is actually more than 300 years old, but the inside has a state of the art system with new installations, specialized equipments and scientific libraries.

Al Tayebat International City

The displays in the museum include items collected by Khalil himself over his many years. You will find exquisitely preserved Islamic manuscripts, amazing furniture, beautiful pottery and coins dating back to centuries past. You will also discover the old architectural style of work done with wood, gypsum and stones—a testament to the living style of people in ancient times. The best rooms in the museum show life preserved just as it used to be in ancient Saudi Arabia. It covers almost all the regions of the country. Going about you will find the house of a poor fisherman and the room of a newly married bride filled with luxuries, taking you all the way back in history. The best thing would be to get a guide who can get you to the best places of the museum, so you can save time and not roam about missing out on the better details. So make sure you visit this place with ample time on your hands and explore the history of Arabia first hand.


Al Balad

This is one of the busiest districts of Jeddah. Tourists come to admire the 7th century architecture that can be found here. The best part of this old design is the juxtaposition of state-of-the-art buildings standing right next to the ancient ones. It’s an intriguing mix of modern and old. Lined with famous historical mosques, the traditional markets known as souqs, and modern malls, Al Balad is one of the most interesting places in the city of Jeddah. It consists of a maze of tight knit alleys, streets, piazzas and quadrangles which all group together to protect one from the harsh Arabian sun.

Al Balad

The buildings are mostly made from limestone and some are crumbling, but the most noticeable things are the beautiful carvings on the windows and the doors of the buildings. It’s all intricately designed and a sight to behold, especially if you enjoy historic architecture with beautiful detail. You can find a whole range of goods from the souqs of Al Balad, including traditional gold or silver jewelry, aromatic spices, oils, herbs or even electronic devices. This place is indeed a shopper’s paradise, so try to take some time out to visit these claustrophobic alleys and get some magnificent stuff.


The Floating Mosque of Jeddah

Trying to look for some more magnificent views in Jeddah? The Floating Mosque is a must-see, especially at sunset. Although the mosque at Al Shati is white, depending on the time that you visit, you can find the entire mosque enlightened. If you look closely at the pillars of the mosque, you will notice how it seems as if the whole structure is floating. The Floating Mosque of Jeddah is open to all people, whether they want to pray or just take a tour of the mosque. While walking inside the mosque, you will notice how beautifully and tastefully it has been decorated.

The Floating Mosque

The interior is remarkable: while some things inside the mosque are very modern and state of the art, the architecture is a mix of old and new. The surroundings are lovely. You will find a meditation place which is spotless and interesting to see. Take a walk on the Cornish road to get more perspectives of the Floating Mosque. Grab your camera and try going at sunset. At this time, the tides tend to be higher giving the effect that the mosque is actually floating on water. At night, the sight of glittering lights and the aura of the mosque combine, making it all very magical. The view of this mosque is a must and highly recommended! 


Silver Sands Beach

Care to go for a swim? The Silver Sands Beach in Jeddah is known to be one of the best private beaches. Every possible activity is provided here. There is snorkeling with the marine life present there. Then there is swimming for adults and children. The white sands are the most alluring part of the beach, creating a picturesque meeting with the azure blue of the sea.

Silver Sands Beach

There are some amazing restaurants present on the beach, all with really good food, so all you need to do is come and relax. Lie down in the sun for some sunbathing if you want a tan. Try to go boating on the water if you’re looking for something a little more exciting. One popular activity is to fly kites on your boat. For this, you need the right time and the right kinds of wind so check the weather before you leave for the beach. You can even pack a small picnic bag for the beach and just sit on the sand and watch a beautiful beach sunset. Plan your day on the beach and enjoy a bit of natural relaxation.


Biet Nassif

Another one of the known historical sites of Jeddah, this place is preserved and still kept because of the government of the country. This site holds a 700-year old flag mast and a 15th-century cannon kept for the enjoyment of the public. In 1990, when the Arab authorities settled and established the Historical Area Preservation Department to preserve the old structures of the city, the Biet Nassif house was one of them. Slightly renovated, it dates back to the 1800s. The building is a five-story house which holds a mix of both modern and traditional architecture and gives tourists a chance to see the blend of both in one place. The Nassifs were one of the merchant clans of Saudi Arabia.

Biet Nassif

The building might look a little weird, but it has been a highly prominent structure as it has been one of the sites which has hosted many events. It has also been a host to famous figures like the King and founder of Saudi Arabia, King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud. Take a walk to this place and admire the architecture of this beautiful building which now entertains people mostly as a museum. It is amazing to look at the blend of modern architecture and the older traditional architecture of Jeddah.


Jeddah Aquarium

The Fakieh Aquarium, Jeddah is an incredible opportunity to spend some family time together while giving your children education about the marine life. The staff and guides are always there to explain the different species of marine life in the Red Sea and how to differentiate between each of them. This is the place where you will find 200 kinds of different marine animals in 155 separate exhibits. These include sea lions, dolphin shows and displays every day.  The dolphin shows along with the sea lion shows are hugely successful and guaranteed to be excellent entertainment for your family. The Fakieh Aquarium is a relatively new attraction, as it was built in January of 2013, but it is a major tourist site. It is the greatest aquarium to be found in the city of Jeddah.

Fakieh Aquarium

The main purpose of its construction was to provide more awareness of the environment, the marine life and the endangered species of animals in the water. You will find more than 7000 marine animals in this aquarium with a few very exotic and rare animals like the leafy sea dragon and the 4 types of Red Sea turtles. The main attraction of this beautiful place is the walk through Perspex tunnel which has a very surprising effect on the people. You walk through the tunnel and the transparent Perspex allows you to see water on all the four sides, even beneath your feet, and look at the marine life swimming around you in their own environment. Wonder what you would do if you came face to face with a shark? With the highly knowledgeable staff present there you are allowed to ask questions along with your kids! This is a fun place which should definitely be on your list of visiting in the city of Jeddah as it is both exciting and educational.


Makkah Gate

As we all know, Jeddah is a city which has a history going back more than 2500 years. The walls and gates of the city are an important part of that history and the most famous one amongst tourists is the Makkah Gate. Through this gate, the pilgrims of Hajj enter the city of Jeddah. Back in 100 AD, the gate walls used to be protected by limestone coral.

Makkah Gate

The Makkah Gate is not just for the beauty, but also for the protection of the city.In the 16th century, the gate was even more secure, with six watch towers and more gates to defend the city against the Portuguese attacks. Its architecture is worth viewing, especially since it has a distinct touch of Turkish architecture in it -showing the influence of Turkish culture had in the city of Jeddah. In the night (and in the evening) the lights of the gate are fully lit giving it an amazing aura. This site is worth seeing in person. 


AlBatoul Marine

On your last day, try something with an adrenaline rush to it so you can call it a day and a trip. Jeddah is known as the ‘Bride of the Red Sea.’ Before leaving, visit AlBatoul Marine, which offers 4 different water sports in the sea; sailing, scuba diving and snorkeling, deep sea diving and wake boarding. Rent a boat and head out into the sea along with some Jet Ski equipment. Go ahead and plunge into the waters for scuba diving. The coral reefs here are undisturbed and beautiful. Explore the many shipwrecks hidden under the surface. The Red Sea is the best spot for deep-sea diving because of the clear waters, colorful reefs, shipwrecks, canyons and underwater caves - all ready to be explored by curious and thrill-seeking tourists. Wakeboarding is the specialty of the AlBatoul Marine where you can hover over water, jump on it and even learn to do some acrobatic tricks.

AlBatoul Marine

This is your chance to let it go and enjoy life to its fullest. Plan your last day in Jeddah around these water based activities so you can have fun and relax. Plus, you can get a little exercise before you go. If you don’t try the watersports in Jeddah, then you are missing out on something really big! Grab your swimsuit and take the dive.

Your trip to Jeddah can be a memorable one if you try new things and look for the historical monuments in the city. With all the traveling and walking in the city, you are bound to find something different and exotic. The mixture of architectures in the buildings of Al Balad and their Turkish influence is historically interesting because of the stories behind the construction. Don’t forget to also explore the museum and try to take the tour of the whole building to see more and learn more. Then there is the aquarium, which is a beautiful and exotic place to be with your kids, so make sure you enjoy yourself while they gain an education. Spice it all up with some water sports and make this trip the best one you’ve ever had! 

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