Five Reasons Why You Should Come To Dakar

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Have you been to Dakar before? If you have not come to this part of Africa where the horse cart drivers are seen moving along with beautiful cars on the highways without fear, and people enjoying the street music then it is now time to pack your bags and come to Dakar. The reason why we find people from different parts of the world coming to explore the city and enjoy the sunshine are because Dakar got tourism all wrapped up for your enjoyment. We have made this list to give you the best views of the city.

The City’s Mesmerizing Views

Just visit the Les Mamelles where you are going to find the best in the city. The Atlantic Ocean is close to you and you just got the world around you to enjoy. The city has made it a point of its duty to transform the way people see tourism in the country. A lot of things can be found here such as the  bronze statue Le Renaissance Afriquaine, that is known as the hope of Africa


Historic Ile de Gorée

This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is found at the Goree Island. You would love the way the place has been designed and for those who are thinking of getting to sites that are really treasured in Africa, this is just one of the places to be. There are museums like the La Maison des Esclaves, where you would find some of the best preserved things about the city.

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The Pink Lake

Nothing can fully explain the beauty that comes when you come around the Pink Lake in Dakar. Mother Nature did not disappoint when it create it to be one place that would blow your mind off. There are a lot of things that makes this place exceptional like the colour of the lake which is pink.

The  People’s Music


Akon came from this part of the world and this is why you will always hear different  songs that were inspired by him. The Omar Pene and Orchestre Baobab can be where you would be treated to the finest music. Even the live bands cannot disappoint you and this is the more reason why you should make out time to come to Dakar. Do not forget the night activities that are inspiring to those who love parties.

The Local Life

It all begins from the street to the market. And even the homes are not left out when you are thinking of coming to explore the local life of the people of Dakar. The way they dance and dress is inspiring and you can equally get acquainted when you but their clothes and blend with them. Of course, the city is affordable. This is the reason why we are recommending you to visit the city. There are a lot of things that you can do here and if you are new to the city, there are tourist guides that would support you moving around with less stress.


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