Tourist Locations That Makes Dakar Charming

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Dakar, the commercial and cultural destination of  French-speaking West Africa, a  beautiful city that has one of the best tourist attraction centers in Africa, great hotels and restaurants and  lots of markets for visitors  to buy souvenirs, metal goods, jewelry, fabrics and foods. The exciting nightlife in Dakar attracts thousands of visitors yearly to the city where gifted local artistes are seen performing every night.

One thing that has become synonymous with tourism in Dakar is its beaches, expatriates and visitors come here to sunbath and relax, been home of a multicultural community, it is one of most civilized cities in West Africa. You can visit the Saloum Delta National Park which is the home of wild beasts like the warthogs, avocets, herons and a lot of fishes.  Bird watchers love this center because there are lots of birds to see.


The Gorée Island have one of the finest architectural structures and castles that are historic, this is a place that reminds the world of the slave trade. This Island has flourishing bougainvilleas, sandy tracks and  lots of beautiful colonial homes.

You can see the pink flamingoes at the Djoudj National Park, apart from the flamingoes, there are pelicans, herons, migratory birds always and other birds. There are piroques you can ride when you are here. The Petite-Côte south of Dakar is a favourite of tourists; it is a very long beach that has Senegal’s biggest seaside infrastructures. Lots of visitors are seen all year round here. The  Casamance is the most fertile location in Senegal, you can explore its  lush vegetation that attracts tourists to the beaches that are in this place.

The Pink Lake is where you see the traditional salt harvesters take salt from this highly concentrated salt water and you can take a trip to the Les Almadies for bird watching, this is one of the places people come to see migratory birds especially there is the Iles de la Madeleine which is the only known African nesting site of the red-billed tropicbird. Your trip to Dakar may not be complete if you do not visit the African Renaissance Monument, a colossal statue that is displayed to show Africans as a great continent.

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Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport was formerly known as Dakar Yoff International Airport, it serves the visitors who are coming from different parts of the world to Senegal. The airport accommodates about 1,500,000 passengers in 2009 and aircraft like the Boeing 747 jets can land here.

Dakar tourism

 Weekends in Dakar

Weekends brings memories of fun and entertainment in Dakar. There are hotels ranging from the budget hotels to the three star hotels that are able to accommodate guests who would make use of them during their stay. Most of the hotels are equipped with state of the art facilities and gives visitors luxury and relaxation.  

There are different car hire services that would support your movement when you take advantage of these car hiring services when you are in Dakar. You can visit Dakar all year round. The best time to visit can be during the dry season, from December to April.







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