Memorable Honeymoon In The Islands Of Seychelles

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These beautiful islands lie in the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean about 1,200 kilometers off the coast of East Africa. After much deliberation on where our next honeymoon will be my wife and I chose Seychelles in the summer of 2012 and totally enjoyed its beaches. We did relish our tour of this archipelago that is composed of 100 islands. The numerous walks along the sandy beaches and the great sunshine made our honeymoon trip to Seychelles wonderfully memorable.

 The beautiful islands of Seychelles

When we reached the airport in Mahe Island our tour guide met us and immediately we were whisked off to the nearest beach called the Anse Intendance. It is an almost deserted dream beach with clear turquoise water. Lush vegetation sprawls across this remote beach where tall cinnamon trees and coconut palms sway in the gentle breeze. The beautiful sea is always ruffled by the wind. The high waves crash with indescribable power on the white sands. We got closer to feel the dense foam that spreads all around and wraps our feet like velvet. The beach is a nice frame of granite rocks and wild vegetation.  It is overlooked by the Banyan Tree that has wonderfully mixed well with its surroundings, so it hardly disturbs the view of the beautiful beach. I basked in all its glory by putting my feet on the hot sand, inhaling deeply, emptied my mind and just let myself be overwhelmed by the contrast of colors as the blinding sun hits my eye and the thunderous noise of the sea rule. It was pure ecstasy and sensually immense. For me it is the most beautiful beach in the world, but the strong currents prevent the bathing.

 The beautiful islands of Seychelles

We were met by a driver with his Buggy and kindly escorted us to the Petite Anse Beach and through its resort. This beach is very impressive, despite the presence of the equipped resort that did not ruin its view. The sea is quite protected from its currents and we had a fairly good snorkeling. It is a private beach but very suggestive. Blue waters, sandy colored fish, fresh water served on the beach, after sun lotion provided, as well as snorkel mask, canoeing, and the sunbathing is very comfortable. The secluded beach is only accessible thru the resort.  A beach paradise for a dream vacation!  From here we proceeded to the Mission Lodge Lookout. It offers a magnificent panoramic view of Mahe and Victoria. The present buildings are truly ruined and only the history of this location is of great interest. The covered lookout can be reached by a narrow road in the midst of a rich salt bush. The picturesque shed with the essential railing kept us from falling. It was such a delight as it opens out into the breathtaking view of the open sea, the foothills of the city and the busy Victoria harbor. The thirty minute steep hike was all worth it when we reached the top. We are proud to witness the spectacular views.

 The beautiful islands of Seychelles

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The next day we were amazed at the profusion of vegetation at the Le Jardin Du Roi Spice Garden. Everything is there; the fruits (mango, papaya, grapefruit. etc.) spices (pepper, nutmeg, cloves and cocoa) flowers, trees and giant bamboo. Inside this garden we found the rare nut protected by the government; the coco de mer is the world’s biggest seed which can grow up to 20 inches long. We also get to taste the homemade ice cream in one of the restaurants inside the park. It is mixed with the fresh herbs picked in the garden like mint, lemongrass and cinnamon. The juices served are also freshly squeezed from the fruits found in this man made rainforest.  It is a garden that is discreetly hidden in the mountains and can be reached after a very steep hill where we have a beautiful view of the sea. We marvel at its well crafted garden landscape with many aromatic plants and exotic flowers blooming. Nearby we checked out another horticultural attraction named Victoria Botanical Gardens. The garden has some beautiful areas with rare plants and flowers but is much smaller than we expected. The whole place even looks unkempt. The Jardin has much more to offer than this.

 The beautiful islands of Seychelles

Walking along the southern road in Victoria we head next to the Seychelles National Museum. The museum is not very large but there is so much to learn about the colonization, political conditions over the centuries, and the role of the country during the World Wars. An hour of visit gave us a small excursion into their history. The museum also showcased the rich flora and fauna like the Aldabra Tortoises and coco de mer which only grows around the country. Right across from this museum stands Victoria Clock Tower. It is a small clock made in the model of Big Ben in London that is placed in the middle of a busy intersection of the capital city. I find nothing special about it really but just the size (or just not) constitutes to its charm. Nevertheless, it provides great photo opportunity with two churches in the background. Along the roundabout are market stalls that sell gifts to take back home at reasonable prices. After here we proceed to check out the city’s food market called the French Cultural Center. We got to feel the local life here and see how interesting their culture is and love for food. I saw huge fishes, spices, food unknown to us and things that I have never seen before.

 The beautiful islands of Seychelles

Arriving by bus, we enjoyed an exceptional view of the sea at Praslin Island. We were as excited as we descent on foot at the beaches of Anse Lazio. It was even more beautiful than the beach postcards they sell at the entrance. The bright white sand, dramatic rock formations, all shades of blue and turquoise waters, coconut trees for shade, and especially the beautiful marine life we have ever seen. I even had the pleasure of swimming along and playing with a big turtle while diving. The sea was a bit restless but we swam anyway. The little café hidden in the forest serves delicious freshly squeezed juices at a reasonable price. A long walk thru a golf course is needed before reaching the beaches of Anse Georgette. The beach was really beautiful and we saw a multitude of sea creatures when we snorkeled. It has an incomparable beauty of nature with thousands of bats flying over its bay. The beach is privately owned by the hotel / golf course. It is surrounded by high granite cliffs and tropical vegetation. Our walk through the extensive golf course towards the beach was quite long but it was all worth it.

 The beautiful islands of Seychelles

On our last day we come face to face with giant turtles at the Curieuse Island. There are hundreds of approachable turtles around this protected preserve island and we got to feed, cuddle, and take pictures with them. We walked into a rich vegetation to get to the breeding area and turtle nursery.  Here they roam freely and we were provided with useful information in the sanctuary of the giants. We did not regret our hiking trail on the island through a mangrove forest where we observed many animals. The catamaran trip was really exciting and great! In addition we learn a little history about the island when it used to be a leper colony.

 The beautiful islands of Seychelles

Seychelles has exceeded my expectations by far. Although some tourists hang around the wide beaches it does not feel that the attraction is crowded. White sandy beaches and the amazing colors of the water, It was the greatest honeymoon trip ever.

 The beautiful islands of Seychelles

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