Don't Miss Places In Slovenia

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Slovenia lies on the main road and rail routes between Western Europe and the Balkan countries. This has helped trade between Slovenia and countries such as Austria, Italy, France, and Germany. Manufactured goods including steel, glass, chemicals, papers, and textiles are produced here. The country’s mines provide brown coal, lead and mercury. Crops including wheat, tobacco, potatoes, sugar beets, and grapes are grown in the fertile valleys.

Don't Miss Places in Slovenia

Tourism is important in this land of forested mountains and plateaus. Visitors are attracted to the ski resorts, beautiful lakes, and sunny beaches.

Learn more about Slovenia by visiting these top ten not to be missed places and attractions.


Ljubljana Old Town

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The Ljubljana Old Town is absolutely charming and clean. It is both quiet and lively. Ljubljana has lots of charm and elegance. Its streets have many beautiful buildings, religious buildings, and old shops, which are still in good condition and conducive to linger. The streets are alive with just enough cafes, nice restaurants, and friendly craft markets. To discover this part of town, you will learn to take your time to explore the facets of its 1000 cobbled streets and capture the impression of its very green city, many flowers, long days, and music festivals. The old town is very small and you can visit in less than a day.

Ljubljana Old Town

The one-night stopover is mostly ideal at Christmas time when there are beautiful lights that decorate all the houses, palaces, monuments, trees and the channel creating a truly unique and festive atmosphere. Do not miss a boat trip on the canal (lasts 30 minutes), preferably at night. The historic center is closed to traffic that runs only on foot. This attraction is a delight with its architectural ensemble of beautiful buildings of various styles and periods that mostly parts within the banks of the river Ljubljanica. Emphasis should be noted on the friendliness and hospitality of the people in general.


Preseren Square

Everything starts from Preseren Square; once you are here you can see the main attractions. Go to the castle by riding a funicular and just a few hundred meters climb to the top (but absolutely do it in the evening) and you will see the bridges, the Cathedral and dozens of places along the river. During the Christmas season it is all decked out with markets, food outlets, lights, huge trees, and Christmas concerts in all the squares of the city. Preseren Square is the best place to understand the nature of the inhabitants of Ljubljana. But it does come here repeatedly as you take a walk or relax with a cup of coffee. There are no cars only bicycles and watching them take a lot of impressions. 

Preseren Square

On evenings there are live music concerts on the bridge. Students sing along and have a grand time. It's very nice in spring and truly festive around Christmas time. All the directions of the road here lead to all of the other Ljubljana attractions. Since the square is a few steps from the triple bridge linking the city with the old town, it is the most central area of Ljubljana. From there you can see the top line of the castle and across it is the Franciscan Church of the Annunciation. There are several pubs and bars to taste a typical Slovenian dish or just have coffee or something cool.


Triple Bridge (Tromostovje)

The Triple Bridge is located in a busy pedestrian area and has just been fully restored to become one of the main attractions of the capital. It gets beautifully illuminated at night and open to travel in the morning for the locals. Near the bridge, there are cozy cafes. In general, this bridge can be considered the beginning of the walking route of the historic part of Ljubljana where not so far you can walk and ride to the cable stop to the castle, the parliament, the spontaneous market (where you can purchase different varieties of mead, which is the national beverage).


A pleasant walk along the coast will be on both sides of the Ljubljanica. It is an interesting and unusual architectural structure in the historic center of Ljubljana. There are two other elegant pedestrian bridge across the river like; the unusual glass bridge where "locks of love" are placed by visitors and the Dragon Bridge that carry the symbols of Ljubljanica – the green dragons. "Tromostovje" translates to the 3 bridges. These bridges are marked with the symbol of Ljubljana, the dragon and carry a right in the old town. These three bridges are the separation between the old town and the modern side and near the shopping areas.


Cathedral of St. Nicholas (Stolnica Sv. Nikolaja)

Stolnica Sv. Nikolaja

The St. Nicholas Cathedral is not very big but well worth a visit. Even if you think you dare push closed the massive door and you will have the surprise of the church that opens forward to you. The cathedral with beautiful doors is dedicated to the saint of fishermen is located very close to the fish and vegetable markets. It has cute copper doors where the story is told of Ljubljana and its interior is very nice with a cute pulpit and excellent structure. The Cathedral of Saint Nicholas is right across the Triple Bridge in the city center.

Stolnica Sv. Nikolaja

It is Romanesque style in its origin and was restored after the fire that it suffered in the fourteenth century and has been transformed in Gothic style. Its dome and its stained glass windows are beautiful to behold. Surprisingly the image of the crucified Christ is very elongated at probably more than 2 meters high. The ceilings are amazing and despite not being a big cathedral by size it is very pleasing to the eye and just generally have visitors or tourists observing and in awe of its beauty. Inside the cathedral it is quiet, solemn, and a feeling of absolute peace welcomes the curious and the faithful.


Tivoli Park

The Tivoli Park is a pleasant surprise for its location that is close to the center of Ljubljana, but at the same time slightly near to the sides of the city. It is very large (approximately 5 sq. kilometers) and proportionate to the size of the city. It is well maintained and has well paved walking paths. There are many clay tennis courts and a sports hall annex. There is a beautiful villa on a small promontory which is a reference to the park, it has an enjoyable climate spaces and on Sundays it is not overcrowded. It is one of the many beautiful parks of this nation that was designed by a French engineer in 1800 and then was revised and built by the famous architect Jože Plečnik who has left his mark in many other buildings, monuments in the important locations of the city.

Tivoli Park

It is no coincidence then that someone says it looks like being in France while in Ljubljana Vienna since the same architect has characterized the urban aspects of the three cities of Central Europe; Vienna, Prague and Ljubljana precisely. However, the park is immaculately maintained and there are plenty of green areas, sports fields for adults, and play areas for children. There are three main avenues adorned with statues and horse chestnut on the sides and also some fountains and a pond.  A visit to this park is an enjoyable and memorable experience that has no entrance fee at all.


Dragon Bridge (Zmajski Most)

The Dragon Bridge is so named for the four dragons at the end of the bridge that is reminiscent of the myth of Jason and the Argonauts who founded Ljubljana and killed a dragon in a nearby swamp. They were after finding the Golden Fleece in Colchis got directed along the Danube River, a tributary of the Sava and from there, they come to the source of the River of Ljubljanica.

Zmajski Most

In the large lake surrounded by a marsh, Jason found a monster; the famous dragon of Ljubljana and also the coat of arms and flag of the city.

The bridge was built in 1900 to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the reign of Emperor Franz Joseph and to replace the old wooden bridge called "Butchers". This significant bridge borders the pedestrian zone of the old town and where a large flow of urban traffic passes everyday.

Zmajski Most

In addition to the dragons at the base of the lamps on the balustrades are the green GRIFONI which, unfortunately are not red and blue.  The bridge is not anything special except for the four dragon sculptures placed at the entrances of the bridge itself. There is a nice view of the city from the bridge.


Lake Bled

Lake Bled is not only the eponymous castle that is situated in a romantic island (mandatory attendance), but it is also an independent landmark along the Slovenian Alps.  Surprisingly frequent and profound, it is surrounded by picturesque mountains. If you are thinking of exploring the island, it is highly recommended to hire a rowing boat to discover its natural beauty. It is a quiet place to stay for two with good hiking trails, clear pointers, and well posted landmarks.  The calm lake is offers an opportunity to feed wild ducks. Do not hesitate to visit the ancient castle and get acquainted with its history.

Lake Bled

It is a great beautiful castle on a hill above the lake where classical music and boats rule the atmosphere. There is a two-storey cafe near the lake with the most delicious cakes. Lake Bled, without a doubt, is the hallmark of the country where you can spend a quiet and relaxing vacation. It is the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy a nice family holiday. The charming picture outside the window is provided to you along with the lake that is beautiful in all seasons. The tranquility of the mountain lake, the castle on the rock, cheap hotels, good restaurants, and the church on the island completes the excellent tourism infrastructure of the town.


Bled Castle (Grad)

The castle is over 1,000 years and stands on a 130-meter cliff overlooking the lake. The castle is much more interesting - ancient buildings, wells, museum, chapel, gift shop, restaurant, printing, etc.  All these need to be explored better with a good guide who knows about the castle and its inhabitants a lot. At the Bled Castle there is a possibility to make a beautiful wedding ceremony. The tickets are cheap, but the view from the terrace of the castle incredibly addictive.

Bled Castle

Visible from the top of the famous castle is the presence of the island in the middle of the lake, and the water-bus plying tourists for a quick boat tour and the cafes that are loaded with relaxed tourists. For those wishing to shed the extra calories, they can walk from Bled Castle up to the cliff. The reward is a beautiful bird's-eye view of Bled City. Attention; verify the time when the castle is made open to the public on their website before planning a visit.


Triglav National Park

Triglav National Park

From the town of Bled is about 3 km scenic walk along the road to reach the Triglav National Park. It costs a small fee to enter the park. It is intended for the association to be able to maintain roads, bridges, flagmen, traffic signs, etc. Try to follow and walk a fine line through a ravine furrow that has several rapids and finally the road ends up to a magnificent waterfall where you could swim together with your family.

Triglav National Park

It is very touristy but still spread out along the trail, so it does not feel too crowded. Once at the waterfall, there is a restaurant and nice places to eat a picnic on. This national park has many more hiking trails that are also equally nice. Do not forget to bring water when you begin your walking adventure.


Tartini Square (Tartinijev trg)

The Tartini Square is a spacious area in the Piran Region that is very bright and filled with fresh sea air. One part of it goes to the sea and it is framed in a semicircle of beautiful old houses that have historical significance. One of the houses is the memorial apartment of local violinist Giuseppe Tartini, who lived here about 250 years ago.

Tartinijev Trg

On the square stands a monument of Tartini and he is at the edge of the area that does not dominate the entire square leaving lots of free space to walk and admire the ambience of the simple town. The square has a designated play area for kids to sit and run around; there are cafes and souvenir shops, tourist and travel offices, and municipal agencies like the Town Hall and the Hall of Justice. 

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