Vintgar Gorge

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Vintgar Gorge, to the North of Bled, is a popular attraction for tourists and deservedly so. What would in many countries be a sight glimpsed from a few viewpoints, in Slovenia, the Mayor of Gorje, upon its discovery in 1891, decided to construct a series of wooden walkways which take the visitor right through the gorge itself, under steep cliffs and past pools of blue water with shoals of fish darting between the rapids.

Vintgar GorgeThe Walkways

The best way to make an afternoon out of it is to walk there from Bled (directions can be found in most walking guidebooks of the area- The Sunflower Guide to Slovenia being one), passing through delightfully rustic countryside with little villages of haybarns and painted beehives. Head to the Southern end to drop down and follow the gorge through to a grand finale- a waterfall.

The Bridge

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