Nature At Its Best--solomon Islands

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Two weeks had barely passed when my mum surprised me with an air ticket to the Solomon Island. The island is a perfect place of adventure which attractions ranging room mountains, lakes, forests, geothermal regions among many others. We enjoyed adventuring in the scenic landscape and more so it’s serene atmosphere.  This experience gave me a great desire to share with all those who are planning of visit the island.

 Nature at its best--Solomon Islands

We stared off our visit at the amazing Lake Tegano. This was indeed an incredible site to visit. We were completely amused by the massive size of the lake that we hardly managed to see the end of it. Its banks that were beautifully embellished with charming whitish limestone rocks were a sure magnetic attraction that we only wanted to have ourselves photos on them. It was with no doubt one of our best moments. We enjoyed walking over these banks while competing to collect beautiful rocks to spice up our little museum back home. The lake’s water was also not to be ignored. The displayed a lovely blue cover over the wide area that we found ourselves highly tempted to swim in them. The lake region was also a home to some awesome rare species of birds that kept flying high above our heads while plenty of the sat comfortably on the tree branches doing their best melodies. It was indeed a remarkable idea having planned to visit the lake. We then walked to the forests surrounding the lake for an appreciation of the cool ambiance that encompassed within their environs. There were countless plant species with widecollections of amazing plants such as the Deendrobim rennellii. This was certainly one of the best places to visit. We were very glad that our visit was going great.

 Nature at its best--Solomon Islands

The magical Ove Geothermal area was next on our adventure list. The site was uniquely dazzling and one of the sites we would not want to imagine having left out while in the Solomon’s Island. Though the area was devoid of vegetation, we had fun surveying the sloppinglandscapes that were well covered with lots of deposits of sulphur. We also had numerous photos of the area. The springs were also in plenty. We mesmerized watching sulphur being gushed out of the ground forming hot sprays of it. It was truly a great experience. We also discovered Lake Ove into which the huge sulphuric deposits run into. It was an amazing site but very spectacular region that was a home to the megapodes that left us with a great desire to tour it again.

 Nature at its best--Solomon Islands

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The stunning Vonavona Skull Island was another place that we hypnotized touring. This area was gorgeous and full of wonders. The structural design of the monument gave us a lot of desire to tour its interiors. It was all wooden and lay out in the shape of a tent. Its door was also not to missed as it was stony slabs and well garlanded to give it a very impressive look. Inside it were large oodles of skulls that are believed to belong to the ancient rulers. It was certainly an eye catching site though a bit scary. We ensured we had the best photos of every exhibit there. We were also grad to learn that the skull of the famous Ingova, who was known to hunt heads, was the one that lay in the front line. We hardly wanted to leave the site. Its environs were also amazing and mind blowing. There were lots of rings that were made of shells that are believed to have been offerings to these rulers. We would certainly consider visiting the place on our other trips to the island.

 Nature at its best--Solomon Islands

We then progressed to the magnificent Nusa Roviana hillfort and shrines. The cool ambiance marrying the region soothed our souls that joy remained well portrayed all the time. The site was alluring will great charm. The design of the fort was the first thing that got us fervently impleased. Its many walls were made stony rubble. There were also about 24 attractive terraces on which taro is grown. It was indeed a breath taking spot. The area was also a home to about 13 shrines which housed skulls of many chiefs of antiquity. Every stone in the region was also not to be missed by any of us. They stones were remarkably carved that we wished we had fund any of the artists who were involved in their formulations. On the upper end was the famous mind blogging Tiola shrine that houses a sculpture of a dog’s skull. It was certainly a great moment as we learnt that it was carved in a splendid way facing the direction in which danger was believed to come from. The experience here was beyond our expectation that we only remained grateful that our visit was going perfectly. We would definitely visit the site again.

 Nature at its best--Solomon Islands

Guadalcanal was yet another site that would hardly escape our attention. The region was a sure place of adventure as many attractions lay there awaiting our visit. The World War II fields were the first site we adventured there. The fields were well preserved to give every person visiting the region good memories of the war. We liked seeing the carvings that were made to represent the men who offered their lives on behalf of the other citizens. We also had to take several photos of all the beauties there.

 Nature at its best--Solomon Islands

We then headed to the lovely village of Laulasi for more adventure. The setting of the village was gorgeous and allowed us to explore all its beauties. We were particularly amused by the delightful relics the locals were formulating. It was certainly one of the best moments of our lives as we watched many of them cracking shells to form beautiful objects which included bracelets, necklaces and earrings. We certainly fished out the most excellent among them though it was a little difficult as each and every item was exquisite. It was also nice to find many other people ding their shopping there.

 Nature at its best--Solomon Islands

We then moved to the lovely Honiara town which serves as the capital to Guadalcanal island. The town was spectacular in its setting with numerous eye catching streets. The shops that were aligned along each of them were gorgeous that we had to stop in most of them to admire their beautifully displayed items. We then went to one botanical garden that had everything we had being wishing to find. The sweet aroma of the flowers ensured that we remained there for quite some time. We also enjoyed picking the many different types of flowers to feel their fragrance closely. The trees were also first class as they offered the best shades away from scorching sun or strong winds blowing through the town. It was remarkably one of the best experiences of our life. Certainly, we had chosen a great place of adventure and we were delighted that our trip was going awesomely.

 Nature at its best--Solomon Islands

We finally ended our superb visit at the stunning Rainforest of Kolombangara caldera. The forest offered more fun with a tranquil and serene ambiance that was hard to find anywhere else. In fact, it was so cool and free from pollution. Every kind of plant species that is known on earth was likely to be found there. It was certainly a nice place to learnt any of them and more so their importance. The birds too maintained their best sweet melodies to keep us alert of their presence. We enjoy witnessing their huge masses perched on trees. Frogs were also in large numbers. It was a golden chance to see the huge ones that we had no seen before though we felt a little frightened. The caldera was a good spot to have photos as it was not very deep and we managed to walk into it where we also found many sulphur channels in many parts of it. Our visit to Solomon Island was the best among all the trips we had had. We would surely have to pay it a second visit.


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