Most Dangerous Roads In South Africa

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When it comes to driving, South Africa is one of the most dangerous places to be on the road. The number of deaths resulting from road accidents is extremely high. Apart from the death toll, there are many who have become disabled or been seriously injured from such road accidents. When visiting South Africa, be careful whenever you are driving for even if you are the most careful driver, you never know how crazy the next driver could be. Also watch out for the pedestrians as they might just jump into the road at any given moment.

N2, East London to Mthatha

N2, Mthatha to Komstadd

This stretch of road is also known as the settlers’ road. The main cause of accidents on this road is drivers who are not careful enough to care about other road users. You will find drivers driving at breakneck speed and overtaking in the most unlikely places. It doesn’t help that there are many pedestrians on the road during the weekends. Also, there is possibility of animals jumping into the road at any time.

N2, Mthatha to Komstadd

N2, Mthatha to Komstadd

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The N2 is definitely a dangerous road managing to appear on the list at least twice. Apart from the stretch between East London and Mthatha that is a death trap, another death trap is that between Mthatha and Komstadd. The main problem is the same that of reckless driving that claims the lives of many on a daily basis.

N1, Makhado to Polokwane

N4, Middleburg to Belfast

The N1 is a national road in South Africa and is part of the Cape to Cairo road. It starts from central Cape Town through Polokwane to Belt Bridge.  The stretch between Makhado and Polokwane is exceptionally deadly. Drivers ply the road reckless with no regards for other road users. As a major highway, it is very busy and some places of the road have a lot of pedestrians.

N4, Middleburg to Belfast

N4, Middleburg to Belfast

This national road runs from Skilpadshek on the Bostwana border to Komatiport on the Mozambique border. The road links the east and west of South Africa. Although the stretch of road between Middleburg and Belfast is a short one, it records unusually high number of accidents per year. if you happen to find yourself on this road for any reason, be extremely careful for even if you are not driving at high speed, the next driver or pedestrian could be your undoing.

N2, Durban to Tongaat

N2, Durban to Tongaat

You may not be surprise to see the N2 appear on the list again. This National road that runs from Cape Town to Ermelo has been designated as one of the dangerous roads in the country. The stretch from Durban to Tongaat is another part of the road.

After reading about the different routes, it is obvious that the main cause of accidents on most roads in South Africa is due to human error.  Most drivers drive without no respect of any highway codes. Drivers trying to beat traffic lights are a popular trend here. Also the presence of many pedestrians on many major roads is another problem.


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