Nelson Mandela’ Presidential Stylish Vacation Home

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You think you have seen it all in vacation homes? Come to South Africa and see one of the finest vacation homes in the world. This Safari has been designed in a presidential style and it is situated in the former holiday home of the late legend Nelson Mandela.  However, it comes with a price which is around £4,600 per night.  The former President of South Africa has used this holiday villa that is in Johannesburg before he died . This place is perfectly seated on the Shambala Private Game Reserve. The price can vary depending on the season that came.

Shambala private game reserve

This luxurious holiday place has all the stuffs that you need including the provision of a safari guide. The place leaves you with an opportunity of seeing some of country’s amazing wildlife. There are other historical sites here like the primary residence of Nelson and his Nelson Mandela Centre for Reconciliation.

You can now make use of this private home that has housed great people like Oprah Winfrey and Bill Clinton. It has a six bedroom that is designed in a Mozambican-style that would catch your fantasy. You can come with your family and have one of the best times of your life. In 2013, this place was closed after Nelson died and it has now been opened for visitors.

Do not think about the money because there are a lot of things to do here like exploring the Zulu Camp and so many other places. You would make use of a sitting room that has presidential suite, boardroom, fireplace, five extra bedrooms that come with en-suite bathrooms and two dressing rooms.  You can take in the amazing vistas, watch the sun rise and set right from your lounge area and outdoor deck.

Shambala private game reserve

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There are wildlife species like leopards, lions, rhinos, elephants and lots more for you to see. You have a butler service,  private chef, butler service, an beautiful sunset cruise on the Douw Steyn Dam not forgetting a safari guide to keep you busy while you are here.

The place is cool with exceptional security that has made it comfort for those who are here. You just cannot beat the exoticness that this place brings to those who are making use of it. The crowd is not much and the service is exception. You are treated like a royal person and the food cannot be neglected. You are given different recipes to taste. There is no need rushing to the overrated tourist destinations when you can quietly come here and have a memorable time with your friends and family members.

Shambala private game reserve

At the end of your vacation, you are happy that you made it here. However, even if it is a night that you want to spend here, the reception would always be in your memory. The colors, the décor, the views and the furnishing of the place has become what would give you that great vacation experience that you may not feel in any other place on earth. You can visit here and have your own say.


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