Did You Visit South Korea’s Robot Land ?

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One of the most attractive tourist destination decisions made by families is to go to a theme park. There are a number of popular and fun theme parks around the world – Disneyland in the United States, Diggerland in England and Legoland in Denmark to name but a few, but what you are going to see in South Korea is the first of its kind. Ranking fifth in the line of the world’s robotics manufacturing nations, Korea will soon operate a robot-themed park, known as Robot Land, where you are sure to have the ultimate adventure, challenging yourself on incredible rides found nowhere else in the world. The new tourist attraction blends high technology with all the traditional fun of the fair. Be one of the first to experience this wonder.

To build this new theme park, about $600 million has been invested, with 13% of the investment coming from national and local governments, who are banking on the theme park as a way to stimulate the national economy. Construction on Robot Land began in 2010 and is expected to be completed by 2013. However, some parts of the park will be open to public some time in 2012.

The Robot Land will be divided into four theme lands or ‘worlds,’ much like Disneyland: Robot Kingdom, Kidbot Village, Robotopia and Fun City, each with its own attractions, with many said to have never been seen before.

Get ready for the unrivaled experience! Enjoy the robotic arm ride! Watch and manipulate robotic fish in a special sort of aquarium! And this is just the beginning. I am sure; you’ll leave the park with the allure to return again and again!

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I am looking forward to South Korea’s Robot Land

It seems it is a good tourist spot and kids will surely love that...^_^

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600$ million theme park? Interesting:)

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