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Amazing travel places...which one is do you your chioce most of the times you go away the better location is what?

globe Explore South America General

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I like most to visit hilly spot. Cool and fresh environment rejuvenate my energy. Removes all my worries of life and work. I love to walk alone on the road and clicks the photographs and enjoy the beauty of nature. I love to see the pictures clicked by me again and again, it refreshes my memory again.

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I would love to visit places with a lot of greenary and landscape, as I am in love with nature

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Travelling is an adventure as well as enjoyment in itself. We must plan to visit according to our needs. As where we can get peace of mind. I always have a wish to visit beautiful beaches as in Pajaro Dunes. I ever heard there accomodation is reasonable and its night view is really awesome. If I get a chance to visit America I must see the beautiful beaches of Pajaro Dunes.

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