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I'm heading to South America in December and plan to be travelling for over 6 months. Kicking off in Buenos Aires and heading anti-clockwise. What injections are absolutely necessary? Travel clinics seem to want to give me shots for bloody everything and I'm not sure about it. I know it's better to be safe than sorry but do I really need to get them all????? Any advice would be greatly appreceiated  v:)

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The immunizations that you get depend on the countries you are visiting. Coming from the U.S. into Brazil, and especially since we're visiting other S.A. countries before Brazil, we are required to have a yellow fever shot, and provide proof of it.
Fodor's and Frommer's guides on South America are very helpful, and you can probably look it up online. If you are going into the jungle, you would be better off getting all recommended shots. I'll be researching this shortly in the books I mentioned, but you really have to zone in on the countries you are going to, to know what's best for you. We will be getting all recommended shots!


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I remember before I traveled to south america, I consulted the doctor.
He first asked me to tell him what countires do I consider to visit in south america.
He logged in to thier website (I do not know what site it is), and got from the internet the current diseases that you should get vaccined from at that time. And recommended me to do a lot of them.
I traveled like half a year ago, and what I did was:

Yellow Fever
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Jap. B Encephalitis
(Also I have purchased the Malaria Pills and used them in the Amazon Brazil)

Of course some of them I already had like Hepatitis A,B and Tetanus. But the rest of them I did not have and had to do.
I strongly suggest you first to consult the doctor currently what vaccines should you take, since this list is what I did half a year ago, and as you know it changes a lot, So the best thing to do is consult the doctor like 4 month pirior to your travel, since some injections cannot be done on the same day, and you have to wait a month between them, so it is better doing it like 3 or 4 month pirior to your travel. Also I do sugget to do all of your docotr suggestions, if there is a vaccine why not taking it?
For instance this year they had in south america the Dengue (in north of argentina, came from Bolivia) and unfortunatley there is no vaccine to it. So if there are already diseases that have vaccines I suggest to take advantage of it and take them if not you can ....  ......

Another suggestion, Take the Malaria Pills with you, since some places in south america have Malaria, like in the Amazon of Brazil. It is better to by them in your own country, then buying them in south america.

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JUST CRUISED THE AMAZON to Ft. Laudedale and we were required to have Yellow Fever shots.. we also had Tetnus and one other shot.. The secret.. is to ask  your health insurance company if they cover "PREVENTATIVE SHOTS"..OH. I Had Malaria pills.. lost  We did buy shirts and scarves that repel supposedly mosquitos..wore them up the Amazon and Devils Island

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