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We are looking for a tour operator for a 10 day trip to South America, covering 3-4 major cities, with side trips to nearby sightseeing, as we don't speak any Spanish. We'd like to go to Rio, Buenos Aires, Santiago and Lima for a specific 10 day period of time.
We just want to cover the cities & their surrounding areas by plane hopping.
Please let us know of a reputable tour operator (we have a list already) that someone has used and been satisfied with. We have heard that many fleece travellers, and there is frequent overbooking, which causes problems.

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My Suggestion:
Do not waste your time and money coming the all way to south america just for 10 days !  :wiz:)
Going to 4 mayor cities, in 10 days, for me is a total lost of time, and very bad idea.
For the simple reason that it is too short time for 4 mayor cities, first you do not gonna enjoy any of them since you will have to rush always to the next spot, and worst of all you do not gonna know any city if you stay in each for only 2 days.
Only in Buenos Aires you can spend at least 5 days, and it is not enough.
Buenos Aires is a big city with so many interesting places such as the pedestrian streets of Florida and Lavalle, Puero Madero where the harbor is with all of the good restaurants, San Telmo, Recoleta, Boca, Caminitos and much more....
Santiago, Rio and Lima are very big cities as well !
The cities that you want to know is more suitable for a flight for at least a month. If you do not have such a vacation from your job, I would suggest staying only in one of this 4 cities.
And a better suggerstion, Is not to come all the way to south america only for 10 days.
10 days vacation is better to go to Europe or some other place close to your country.

Hope that I could help anyway that is my opinion

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I don't have any experience regarding south America tour. But I think if you don't have any knowledge about spanish language then don't go to this tour. You can try to any other place.

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South America offers a wider variety of culture, wildlife, adventure and natural beauty than any other continent.Immerse you in the cultures of South America, and joy in the decor, the kitchen , music and history that surrounds you in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.

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Thank you, all of you, for your advice.

I have always wanted to go to S.A., but we bought a house last summer and didn't take a trip as there was so much work to be done!

Very good advice: 10 days is too short for all of those places. It took a long time for me to accept that, because I want very much to see as much as I can!

I'll have to wait until there is more time. Or, just go to 2 cities, pare it down a lot, the first time I go.

And, I'll have to have a tour guide. I've had bad experiences travelling in large groups, but will have to buck up, as S.A. is so unpredictable and unsafe.

And to amberthomas: I hope to not be in the kitchen when I go!

(It think you mean the food).

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South America is a huge continent, offering the visitor a wealth of sightseeing opportunities. Tour agencies have developed itineraries enabling you to see as much as possible in as little time as possible.

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