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Country: Spain City: Arona
Avda De Las Américas Arona 38660 Tenerife Spain
Type: Hotel
Contact: (+ 34) 922 75 75 45 Or [email protected]
Cheapest Room: 75 US$ (US Dollar, United States)
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Hotel Find cheap hotels in Spain 4 StarsHotel Find cheap hotels in Spain 4 StarsHotel Find cheap hotels in Spain 4 StarsHotel Find cheap hotels in Spain 4 Stars (By 1 Traveler)
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Find cheap hotels in Arona On Our Travel ForumWith so many things to do in Arona, it's important to choose a good Hotel.

The Cleopatra Palace hotel is a 4-star hotel located in Playa de las Americas, south Tenerife. Our hotel is located just in front of the "Playa del Camison" beach, with direct access from the hotel, or you can relax on our pool.

The hotel is part of the Mare Nostrum Resort, that includes restaurants, spa, auditorium, games area, special kids area and different swimming pools.Swimming pool at night

This is a great Hotel to find review, you can also find cheap hotels in Arona and a lot of Hotels reviews and rating here
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Hotel Review 4 StarsHotel Review 4 StarsHotel Review 4 StarsHotel Review 4 Stars

Spain, Is the place you can go to 1000000 of times and you never wanna stop of going , I stayed in a hotel called El Palauet . It was more than amazing they had everything you may need , I booked it through RihlaPrime which always have great deals on Hotels in all different places . If you really want to have a blast in Spain try to book with them and sit in Any hotel you will still have a blast

May 14, 2012, 11:32:35 AM

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