Bus Ticket From Barcelona To Porto

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The tour of Barcelona is not complete if a visit to the Casa Batillo is not in your itinerary. In this house, expect to see much of the art and discover the genius of Gaudi tricks to make the tour really unique. You can climb up to the top and you can also see the terrace with colorful chimneys.

Bus Ticket From Barcelona to Porto


Porto is popular for its Rail Station Sao Bento. This building is beautiful and decently maintained externally, but especially worth visiting on its interior where the famous Azulejos stand. These are real works of art that distinguish the ancient culture of Portugal. Bring your camera.

Here are the available modes of transport fromBarcelona to Porto.

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Bus Ticket FromBarcelona to Porto

The distance from Barcelona to Porto is 1171 kms. There is one bus transport service that operates between the Barcelona to Porto bus route (ALSA). The travel time is approximately 19 hours and 1 minute. The Cheapest bus fare can be purchased at US$ 97. To get the exact time of bus departure and arrival, and compare fares, visit this link: http://www.goeuro.com/search/NTUyNWJjODg2MzViZDozNTE5NjEyMw==

Bus Ticket From Barcelona to Porto

Land travel also provide another opportunity to reach Barcelona to Porto. You can take the long drive on board your own car. The travel time is 11 hours and 38 minutes. Aside from saving time in your journey, you get to see the impressive sights along the road.

Train Ticket From Barcelona to Porto

There are no train options available that services the Barcelona to Porto railway route. However, the most convenient mode of transportation from Barcelona to Porto is via air travel.

Airplane Ticket From Barcelona to Porto

Travelling by air is the fastest and most practical option when traveling from Barcelona to Porto. A total of 150 flight schedules provide air transport between Barcelona to Porto daily. The travel duration is at 4 hours and 45 minutes. The earliest plane departs at 06:15 AM and the last leaves at 23:00 PM. The cheapest plane fare is at US$ 26. To get the latest rates, visit: http://www.rome2rio.com/s/Barcelona/Porto

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