Holiday In Barcelona

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Holiday in BarcelonaIt’s been 8 months since my travel to Barcelona but I still remember every moment that I spent there. Barcelona is a beautiful multi-ethnic city of great art and miraculous architecture. It’s a great place to spend holidays.

On day one, I visited Palace of Catalan Music (Palau de la Musica Catalana). It is the most liked tourist spot of Barcelona. You could only enter this palace with a guided group and you need to book tickets in advance. I was well aware of the rules so I had booked a ticket in advance and I also managed to make my place in a group that was about to go inside. The first thing that you would notice about this palace is its marvelous architecture. This palace is a masterpiece of artistry. The interior of this palace is incredibly beautiful. There are more than two thousand ceramic roses of different colors on its ceiling. You must attend the music concert. It is all awesome. The splendid beauty of this place made it a World Heritage site in 1997. No trip to Barcelona is complete without visiting this place. I highly recommend this place to all.

 I made my second stop at Church of the Sacred Family. The building was magnificent. Antoni Gaudi is the man behind this glorious Architectural beauty. In fact, every building that reflects stunning beauty in Barcelona has been designed by Late Antoni Gaudi. It was one of the most beautiful architectures that I have seen in my entire life. I took many pictures of the building. I was very much fascinated by the eye-catching beauty of this church. If you go to Barcelona, do visit this church. It is incredible. You would love to capture the pictures of every corner of this church. Holiday in BarcelonaIt’s a very unique church. You could never find this kind of architectural beauty at any place. Add this place to your “to do list” in Barcelona.

I was literally stunned to speculate such architectural wonders. After this, I headed to Casa Batlo. It is another masterpiece designed by Gaudi. The interior and exterior both are magnificent.  The curves, stained glasses and the colors are all awesome. The roof has an arc which looks like a dragon’s back. I was stunned. I bet that you could never find such creativity all around the world. You must go to Barcelona to see that wonderful beauty. This was the last place I visited on day one of my trip. I was very much happy. I was really stunned to see those wonderful architectural Beauties. I was eagerly waiting for the next morning so that I could explore more of Barcelona.

Next day, I started exploring Barcelona and Guell Palace was my first stop. Guell Palace is another one of Antoni Gaudi’s Masterpieces. The view of palace was fabulous. I was eager to go inside. I had to pay 15 euro for entry. At first, I thought that it was overpriced but as I walked inside, I forgot about the price. It was very amazing. I spent two wonderful hours there. This site is highly recommended. Do not leave Barcelona without visiting this site. It is very special. In Barcelona, every step you take ahead, you find another marvelous beauty.

After Guell Palace, I visited Park Guell. It is another masterpiece of Gaudi. The views of this park just took my breath away. The most beautiful incarnation of art can be seen in this park. This park is magical! Every corner of this park is filled with best of creativity. The most wonderful thing about this park is that Gaudi’s house is situated in it. The entry to the park is free but you have to pay for going inside Gaudi’s house. Well, no one mind paying for going inside. Once you go inside, you could feel the magic of Gaudi. That moment really touched me. I highly recommend Park Guell to everyone.

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Gothic Quarter (Barri Gotic) was my next stop. Well, this place is no less than heaven. I loved walking along the narrow streets. The old buildings were very charming. This charm just took me to some another time. When you walk here, you would certainly feel that you are in some another world. It was all awesome. Just go to this place Holiday in Barcelona

without any planning and enjoy your walk. I must say that if you missed this place it means you missed Barcelona. This place is highly recommended. Go to this place to add some more charm to your trip. After enjoying the charm of Gothic Quarter, I walked back to my hotel. I was so much lost in the beauty of Barcelona that I wanted my journey to never end. I slept that night with an ultimate peace.

Next day, I woke up early and after having my Breakfast in my hotel, I again started exploring Barcelona. I started with St. Mary of the Sea Cathedral. It’s a wonderful church. The architecture of this church is stunning. You would love it. It was the most spectacular church that I have seen in my entire life. The stunning beauty of this church has made it one of the top ten tourist attractions of Barcelona. It is a “must visit” place in Barcelona. Don’t miss it! After this, I decided to spend my afternoon at Montserrat. It’s a tall and beautiful mountain. The cable car journey was really amazing. If you are afraid of height then you should keep your eyes close. The views from the top were breathtaking. You could see some spectacular rock formations of slight pink color from great distance. It was gorgeous. I spent four hours there but I still wanted to be there, it was that amazing! I just loved that place. If you are going to Barcelona, do plan a day trip to Montserrat so that you could spend enough time there. You would love it. Highly Recommended!

Holiday in BarcelonaAfter Montserrat, I visited El Born. It’s a great place for shopping, dining and drinking. The interior of this place is awe – inspiring. It’s a good photo site. If you love photography then this is your heaven. It is one of the top ten tourist attractions of Barcelona. You may try this place. It’s a great place to hangout. It was my last stop of third day of my travel.

It was a four day trip and the next day was the last day of my travel. I just wanted to enjoy it to the fullest. The thing that I enjoyed the most in my travel was Gaudi’s creations and I wanted to see some more. So, I decided to visit La Pedrera – Mila House (Casa Mila). It’s another masterpiece of Gaudi. It is all awesome. The best part of this place is its roof. The views are fabulous. I bet that you would love this place. This is highly recommended to all.

Well, that is all about my travel to Barcelona. I must say that, every moment that I spent in Barcelona was magical. I had never seen such masterpieces of Architecture in my entire life. I love to recall the moments that I spent in Barcelona. It was an unforgettable journey. You should definitely go there to feel the magic.





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