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Holidays in SpainEvery year, my husband and I travel to a new destination to mark our wedding anniversary as we also proceed on holiday. This year was not any different and our destination was Spain. This country is beautiful and has many attractions that we had difficulty narrowing down on the where to go and what to do. Even then, we did an extensive research on the internet and were able to come up with an itinerary.

When we first arrived in Barcelona in the evening, we took a taxi at the airport to our hotel. As we drove through the city, one thing that was evident is that this city was a hub of tourism as it is dotted with hotels, museums as well as art centers. After about an hour, we checked into our room at the EuroPark hotel. Having travelled for almost 16 hours, we opted to freshen up and later went out for dinner. This would allow us to get some good rest and get ready for the adventure that awaited us.

Holidays in SpainThe following morning, we got up early eager to tour of the best travel destination in Spain. This city is breathtaking and has many beautiful places that you will definitely fall in love with as we did. During our five days stay in Barcelona, we visited the Sagrada Familia Cathedral whose architecture is a creation of Antonio Gaudi. This cathedral is massive even though it is still unfinished. One of the things that you cannot fail to take notice of is the building’s gothic style vaults, sidewalls and piers that are amazing. We also visited Park Guell whose design is also attributed to Antonio. This attraction is also a UNESCO world heritage site and it features unique monuments as well as the famous dragon that will leave you clicking away your camera. Moreover, this attraction has a terrace that also offers a spectacular view of the city. Amazingly, the park can be accessed by anyone, as there is no admission fee.

Holidays in SpainA visit to the Picasso museum was another rewarding experience the left us mystified as it features many of Picasso’s works. This extensive museum consists of five palaces that create amazing space. Also worth noting are the beautiful painting that are simply exceptional. Barcelona has dozens of museums that we could obviously not exhaust all of them so having spent most of the morning visiting the museums, we dedicated the afternoon to La Rambla street for two reasons; one because we needed to find something to eat and we wanted to check out the El Liceu opera theater.

La Rambla is a very popular street in Barcelona that every first time visitor to this city must consider visiting. The street is lined with statues that offer a perfect photographic view. There are also a number of eateries including outdoor eateries. We had our first Spanish meal at one of those outdoor restaurants. While I have previously enjoyed Spanish cuisine, this was just ok probably because I had high expectations.

Although many people dismiss La Rambla as any other ordinary street full of tourists, we discovered a number of attractions on this street. To begin with is the Boqueria market that is full of history, life as well as architectural value that is unquestionable. We also got to the Le Liceu opera theatre auditorium that has a sitting capacity of 2,292 Holidays in Spainpeople. Although we had looked forward to a guided tour, there was not much time so we left. Another notable attraction on La Rambla is the Canaletes Fountain that was built after the demolition of a university. The fountain has four water sprouts as well as a streetlamp with four arms. Visitors usually stop here to drink water and it is believed that if you drink from this fountain you will fall in love with Barcelona that you will return repeatedly. Well, I drank the water and I am yet to go back. Our last stop on this street was Casa Bruno that also makes a great photographic addition for any visitor. The place features Egyptian imagery but the most pronounced decorative element is the ornate Chinese dragon. With the day well spend we went back to our hotel to freshen up and cool off the summer heat.

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Our second day in Barcelona was equally busy. Barcelona has numerous beautiful beaches that we had to visit. This was after taking a bus tour that was quite fulfilling and I would definitely recommend it to you. The bus had three routes with the first having stops at Sagrada Familia, Tibidablo and Sarria where we also had our lunch. The hop on hop off bus tour presents a great sightseeing opportunity. We admired many attractive masterpieces along the way and soon we got to the next stop that is the FC Barcelona stadium where we got a taste of Camp Nou. My husband enjoyed this moment the most because he happens to be a fan of this team. We also got to see the Olympic stadium and complex and seaside attractions like Port Vell, the Agbar Tower as well as beaches that we would have not seen in a single visit. This sightseeing tour was epic and well worth the €21.60.

Spain is known for its magnificent theme parks and so we could not conclude our tour without taking a train ride to the Port Aventura Park. This park showcases six main areas as well as breathtaking rides for all ages. There is wide variety of activities that you can engage in at the park including playing golf at the Beach club that overlooks the sea. I really wanted to take a water ride but I spared it for a subsequent visit, as I was too tired. The park has different country themes including China, Polynesia, Mexico, Far West and the Mediterranean. In the evening, we had a romantic candle lit dinner complete with our wedding anniversary cake at the Cascada restaurant before heading back to our hotel.

On our last day in Barcelona, we visited the Barcelona Aquarium that is also the world’s largest aquarium where we also got to see a variety of marine creatures before moving on to have a feel of the Barcelona beaches. Barceloneta Beach gave us the relaxation we so much needed after being up and about the city for two days even though it was somewhat crowded with visitors. I played beach volleyball with other tourists while my husband enjoyed table tennis. After hours of having fun and relaxation, we went back to the hotel to pack and prepare for our evening flight, marking the end of our stay in Barcelona. It was a beautiful experience with great experiences and I would definitely recommend Spain to anyone who is shopping around for a holiday destination.


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