Madrid To Estepona By Bus

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The Museo Nacional del Prado is simply one of the jewels of Madrid. It is impressive in every way, not only in the vast collection that it contains, but also because of the story and the genius behind the creator of its building.

Madrid To Estepona By Bus


Strolling through the old town of Estepona is a pleasant experience; every whitewashed street is lined with pots of colorful flowers. The landscape looks picturesque with bright colored pots hanging everywhere. In every corner there are delis and bars along with restaurants with cheap tapas.

Here are the available modes of transport from Madrid to Estepona.

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Madrid To Estepona By Bus

The distance between Madrid to Estepona is 613 km. You have two bus transport service to choose from; Daibus and Socibus. If you take the Daibus service, the travel time is seven hours and 35 minutes. If you take the Socibus service, the travel time is 10 hours with a stopover at Andujar station before proceeding to Estepona. The ticket ranges from US$30 to US$35.

If you choose to drive from Madrid to Estepona, the travel time is six hours and 16 minutes. 

Madrid To Estepona By Bus

Madrid To Estepona by Train

The option for railway transport from Madrid to Estepona can be accomplished via Line AVE service offered by the Spanish Railway Transport. The travel time is four hours and 53 minutes. First, you must board the train that leaves the Puerta de Atocha railway station in Madrid that is bound to Malaga train station. The train leaves every hour and from Malaga, you must take a bus ride offered by the Avanza Line (via Line Portillo) to reach the city of Estepona. The train ticket ranges from US$65 to US$75. For reservations, visit:

Madrid To Estepona by Air

There are two airline companies to choose from when travelling from Madrid to Estepona; Air Iberia and Air Europa. The travel time is one hour and ten minutes with a one way plane ticket price that ranges from US$50 to US$120. To get the details, check:

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