Malaga: One Of Europe’s Hippest Destinations

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If you do not know, Malaga is one of the hippest destinations in Europe. A lot of people are visiting this beautiful Spanish port and there are so much for you to see. There are chances that you may have visited this city, sometimes; tourists would pass through Malaga on their way to the palaces of Granda or  the beaches of the Costa del Sol. Today, this southern Spanish port is already having its tourist’s moment.


One of the reasons for the rush to Malaga is the multi-million pound regeneration project, and many other projects like the new museums and galleries. Indeed, Malaga  has become a hip location in Spain. The Centre Pompidou Malaga, is  one of the first of  the numerous Persian gallery that has been opened to the public. The thriving cultural scene of the city is something to look at, there are lots of eateries, vibrant nightlife and shopping experience that would blow your mind.

The Centre Pompidou Malaga,  which has become the first of several popup versions of the famous Parisian gallery  that  is planned outside France in 2015 makes this city hot and alluring. You can see this at the low-slung white building that was  topped with a giant glass cube in the harbour region. A lot of people come around to look at the works of great artists such as Picasso, Magritte and Moro on loan from the famous France’ Pompidou and there is also an exhibition that takes care of dance and choreography.


There is the Gibralfaro Castle that  offers  beautiful  views of Malaga and then the stunning harbour that is located at the Mediterranean Sea. If you are a lover of cars then the Malaga Automobile Museum is for you. This is an extraordinary celebration of cars, fashion and art.  In the year 2016, there would be completion  of the Museum of Fine Arts and Archaeology . The Malaga's Picasso Museum  had opened in 2003, this has always been the  long-held dream of the artist, who was born in Malaga in 1881.

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 Back to the Automobile Museum in Malaga, it accommodates more than  houses  more than 90 classic cars. There are  displays of haute couture fashion and hats. You can move around and find the Santiago church where Picasso  was baptised.  The Picasso Birthplace Museum can be located where he had lived until he was ten years old. This museum contains a lot of early pictures, ceramics, paintings and sketchbooks.


There are stuffs that set Malaga apart; there are fewer crowd when you come to any of its galleries and they are small and are close to each other. What this means is that you can still have time to experience the Andalusian cuisine.  We must tell you that you should get in the mood when you get to the Atarazanas market that is buzzing always or even visit the terrace at El Pimpi, which overlooks the Roman amphitheatre.

If you are thinking of the seafood that is unbeatable, you should take a bus and visit the beach at Pedregalejo , this is where you would be served different kinds of seafood.



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