Our Amazing Journey To Rio Tinto

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For a long time, I wished to visit Rio Tinto and see how amazing it is. I told my husband about this, and the response was positive. He told me he will think about it. After a week, he surprisingly showed me tickets to Rio Tinto. I was very glad about this and thanked Dennis for considering my wish to visit Rio Tinto. I started preparing myself for an amazing tour. Indeed it was one of the best tours I have ever enjoyed. We went for a two-day trip, but the two days are still well-written in our minds. A trip I could never forget. We enjoyed ourselves in the place, and now I got so many stories to tell. I have a story of Rio Tinto and I hope you will enjoy it.

 Our amazing journey to Rio Tinto

Our journey started by taking a flight, it was really an enjoyable one. We arrived at Rio Tinto late in the evening. What we had to do was to go to a hotel. We were driven to a very nice hotel. The hotel was very nice and cool. We were served with very delicious Spanish food. The services of this hotel were satisfactory and we enjoyed it. We were served as kings and queens. They served us as if we were the only ones in the hotel. This was really fantastic. The room was well furnished with classy furniture. The bed was of high standards. It was a hotel you will enjoy spending your times there. We had a fantastic and relaxing stay in the hotel. We were eagerly waiting to go and see mars on earth. That is what we were told about Rio Tinto.

 Our amazing journey to Rio Tinto

In the morning we organised ourselves for the trip. We took a bus leaving from Seville to Huelva. The journey was good, and we could see the beautiful nature, it was really enjoyable.

We arrived at Rio Tinto. We then headed to the Mining and Railway Museum. Here is where our day trip was going to start here. The museum was very interesting to us. We explored the history of mining and metallurgy in Rio Tinto. It was amazing learning the history we had read on books practically. We were taken through the history of mining and metallurgy through from the Bronze Age. It was really nice, you should take your time keenly to understand it. There were valuables on display in the exhibition, and the one which was eye-catching was Maharajah. A narrow gauge railway wagon dating from 1982. We were told it is considered the world’s most luxurious one. In the museum there is also a full-scale Roman mine where we saw the working conditions of that period. It was really amazing looking at all this.

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 Our amazing journey to Rio Tinto

After learning something in the museum, we were told to take a 22km train ride. I was interested in this and I eagerly entered into the train. It was an exciting moment when we travelled in a repaired 19th century train down the river while enjoying the magnificent colours along the river banks. We could see deep, magnificent reds with golden edges often changing to such deep red that the water became black with the banks in glorious orange and gold colours. It was a very amazing sight, I and my husband liked it so much. It was wonderful, I took pictures of these scene while in the train. I couldn’t miss these amazing scenes. I have all those magnificent pictures of this amazing place which remind me of this mars on earth. A red river which changes colours due to the minerals. It is indeed a place you should visit one day. Our 22km ride in the train was well organised, and there were excellent guides who were speaking English and others Spanish. They instilled a lot of information about Rio Tinto into our minds.

 Our amazing journey to Rio Tinto

We were able to visit a mine, Pena de Hierro which was the biggest. It is an open cast mine and we were able to see all the installations in this place. We were told the English constructed a whole town where they could live in a high standard style. Huge two and three level houses with all the comforts away from the poisonous gases. This area was called Bella Vista and followed by English Town. We were also told by the guides that the miners did not have luxurious life. This is because their homesteads were closer to their work site. Since they were living in poor conditions, we were told their life expectancy was only 35 years! This is so sad. Young boys started working in the mines at a tender age of eight years. The story was fascinating and somehow sad but we did enjoy it.

 Our amazing journey to Rio Tinto

We were taken through the houses belonging to the middle engineers. They were 500sq m., very large area with all the comforts. Victorian Style houses which had a bathroom which were built as early in 1883. It is a restored and well furnished. The furniture and how the inside was furnished proved how well these people lived. The houses now belong to the Spanish citizens and other private families except the one we had been.

After completing our adventures through the whole mines of Rio Tinto. We strolled through the town of Rio Tinto. We visited the Bella Vista neighbourhood. This was built by the British colony which brought mining back to life in the region in the 19th century. The English also built the railway line that reached as far as the port of Huelva. The Victorian aesthetics of the area contrast with the typical architecture of Andalusia.

The day had been long but with very constructive learning. We had learned a lot in a spectacular mining area. Where it has a lot of history, also we had witnessed the unique nature of the region.

Our amazing journey to Rio Tinto

We finished our adventures and landed into a very special hotel in Rio Tinto that night. We had the very delicious food on our table. It included the Spanish traditional wine, for sure it was worth to be called a wonderful night. There was a lot of entertainment in the hotel. There was a traditional dance which I did enjoy so much. My husband too was carried with this dance and he found himself dancing with the crowd. The room was also to the high standards one can admire. It was much cleaned and well furnished with classy furniture. It is a hotel worth to be praised.

The next morning we took a taxi to take us to Huelva town where we had to catch our flight back home. We passed through Rio Tinto again and it was fascinating. It was not the last time for me seeing that, that is how I encouraged myself about that. Indeed it was true, I am planning in future to take my whole family and friends to go and see for themselves the Mars on earth. That is what I saw whilst in Rio Tinto.

 Our amazing journey to Rio Tinto

We arrived at home save, and now we got something to tell our family members about Rio Tinto. A place where you will enjoy seeing a man-made landscape. A place you will also learn a lot of history. I also have pictures to show them. The pictures are so unbelievably beautiful, and friends and my family do enjoy looking at them. The moments in Rio Tinto are memorable and still fresh in my mind, although it is one year since I was there. I liked the place so much, my husband too liked it. It is a place you should not miss out. Plan a travel to Rio Tinto and you will not regret, since you will enjoy yourself.


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