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Recently, I travelled to Marbella. It is a splendid city in the southern Spain. Literally, Marbella means a lot of water and mountains. It is very clear from its meaning that this city offers an extensive range of oceanic adventures and picturesque beauty. One of my close friends had visited this city few months back and he suggested me to visit here. I am thankful to him for suggesting such a wonderful place to me. It is a fantastic city to enjoy your holidays to the fullest. It is spotted with bountiful outdoor activities. This city also holds a great historical significance. Marbella is perfect for family holidays. I visited this beautiful city with my wife. We both liked it very much and had an excellent time. We really enjoyed our vacations to the fullest. blushsmile Travel to Marbella

We wanted to start our vacations with the name of God; so we decided to make Iglesia Mayor de la Encarnacion our first stop. It’s a fabulous church. In the interior of the church, there is sol major organ. It is the most important organ built in Spain over the last century. We went there during the mass and it was a peaceful experience. There are Television monitors on all the pillars so that everyone could watch the altar. The interior of this church is tremendous. The altar is made up of gold and the statues are dressed in the real fabric. This blissful church would impart enormous serenity in your mind. We loved this place and we would visit there again in our next Marbella travel.

After witnessing the peace and beauty of this church; we called up callme a company of Marbella which delivers bikes on rent for the biking tour in Marbella. We fixed a time to visit them. “Marbella - rent a bike” is the name of that company. We met them at the fixed meeting point. They were all set with the complete equipments in their van and they were waiting for us. We rented two city bikes for us. The best fact about this company is that you do not need to visit any office; just call them and tell them your desired place and they will deliver the bike at that very place without any delivery charges. We enjoyed our bike ride to the fullest on the smooth biking trail. It was a memorable experience. We had loads of fun. Renting a bike is the best way to roam in Marbella. We enjoyed our ride and the amazing views of this city.Travel to Marbella

Funny beach is the place in Marbella where you could enjoy the adventure and fun of marine sports. You could see many people doing some funny activities on this beach. But this beach is named as ‘funny beach’ because it offers lots of fun to the visitors. You could enjoy the thrill of jet skiing and go-karting. We both are fond of aquatic sports; so we decided to enjoy the delight of jet skiing. It was an action-packed experience and we enjoyed every moment of it. We also tried go-karting and enjoyed it very much. There are many attractions for the children. If you are planning to visit this beach with family then your children would definitely love this beach. Funny beach is a complete package of fun for everyone.Travel to Marbella

Puerto Banus Marina is a wonderful place for a leisurely walk and to enjoy the beauty of neighborhood. The best shopping area of Spain is located on this marina. Like all the women, my wife also loves shopping and she really loved this shopping area. After shopping, we enjoyed the stroll along this lovely marina. You could see many yachts at this place. We enjoyed watching them. The environs add a charm to the beauty of this place. The backdrop mountain was looking very lovely. If you have lots of money and you love shopping then this place is truly heaven for you. Most of the people visit this place for window shopping and to enjoy walking along the marina.

Lagoland Mountain Lake Center is the place where you could actually enjoy the actual meaning of Marbella; lots of water and mountains. This place is very gorgeous and composed. Away from the hurly-burly areas of city; this is a place where you could enjoy the glory of nature. This place does not remain overcrowded and the atmosphere is always very romantic. It’s an excellent place to spend some good time with your partner. It’s a very good option for a day trip. You could enjoy the lake tours in gondola and some oceanic adventures like canoeing, aqua skipping and safari.  My wife and I wanted to enjoy all of these activities. We decided to start from the lake tour in gondola. It was an incredible experience. The scenic beauty of the ambiance was breathtaking. The lush green mountains were looking terrific. This is the most beautiful part of Marbella.Travel to Marbella

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After Lake Tour, we enjoyed the delight of canoeing. We have enjoyed canoeing many times but it was our ever best experience. The splendid surrounding made this adventurous experience very beautiful. Aqua skipping was what we had never tried. It is a great aquatic adventure. We both were little scared but the staff was very helping and they helped us in every possible way. They really made us enjoy the thrill of aqua skipping. Now, aqua skipping is my favorite aquatic activity. Lagoland Mountain Lake center also offers splendid hiking area. We both love mountain hiking; so we could not resist this offer. We did the hiking with immense passion. The views from the top were fantastic. We literally saw the nature in her most beautiful incarnation. Not too many people visit this place because it is little tougher to be reached but it is truly a blissful place. Make some effort to reach this place and I promise that this place won’t disappoint you. You could experience lot of adventure, fun and scenic beauty.

Museo del Bonsai is another hidden gem of Marbella. It’s a wonderful botanical garden situated in the old city of Marbella. My wife loves gardening and she loved this place. It’s a paradise for plant lovers. You would get to see many wonderful plants in this garden. This garden is actually a Japanese style house. There are a large number of bonsai plants of different kinds in this garden. Some of the trees are more than 500 years old. It was an amaze to watch them. The surroundings of this garden are lovely. There is a beautiful park and lake. This garden is a stunning place to spend a few hours. It is definitely worth to visit.Travel to Marbella

After moving out of the botanical park, we decided to explore the old quarter of Marbella. Walking on the old streets was a fun for us. This is a completely different side of Marbella and it is exceptionally beautiful. There are many places where you can just sit and enjoy the splendor of surroundings and eat delicious food. I feel that it is the most beautiful place in Marbella and you must visit this place when you travel to Marbella. The old quarter is the most liked tourist place of Marbella.Travel to Marbella

We enjoyed our time in Marbella very much and we value that beautiful time. Marbella is a small and special city where you would find very unique places. It is really a wonderful city. We would surely visit there again. dancing

 Travel to Marbella

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