Your Favorite World Wide Diving Spots

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Hi Folks & Travelers,

I wonder what is gonna be your favorite diving spots ?

Here are my 5 favorite spots (guess what ? This list is gonna change as there is a lot more diving trips coming up !)

1. Palau, micronesia
2. Similan Islands, Thailand
3. Maldives
4. Taihiti, French Polynesia
5. Corsica, France

Loved all of those, especially Palau and looking for more so on the to do list ...
Coco Islands, Costa Rica
Papua New Guinea
Red Sea,
and so much more but eh... that will keep me busy for a little while !

What's on your list?   Cool

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9 Replies:

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Hi Divers,
Here?s my Opinion,

[i]1. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
2. Sipadan, Borneo, Malaysia
3. Lembeh Straits, Sulawesi, Indonesia
4. Blue Hole, Belize (dive no 10! blew my mind)
5. Bunaken National Park, Sulawesi, Indonesia[/i]

The list of places I want to dive is much much longer - my next dive destination is just off the coast here in Brazil - Ilha Grande

Palau is high on that list, Pulawe (sp?) Aceh, Indonesia, the Similan Islands (I'm always in the wrong place when it's the right season!), Andaman Islands, back to Galapagos and to the Islands of Darwin and Wolf.

Then there is the Tongian Islands off Sulawsi, Flores, Papua New Guinea.... I think I could spend the rest of my life diving quite happily.
Maybe I was a fish in the previous life, who knows  :P  >:D

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Canada Canada
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Here are my favorite Diving spots.
A popular shallow wreck with a large portion of the ship still above water. Built by Henry Ford, the Sapona was used by rumrunners between the Bahamas and Florida during Prohibition.
2.Tuna Alley
The Tuna Alley is often called one of the best dive sites in all of the Caribbean. It is a pristine, healthy reef system off of North Cat Cay, one of the Bimini Islands.

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My Favorite World Wide Diving Spots is Maldives. But if i get chance go to Diving i will go to Corsica, France becoz is my favorite vacation spot. And yours most favorite which one is?

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Cameroon Cameroon
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  Hello Diving friends
you are forgetting the best sport and diving countries in the world is only in Africa and Cameroon were you will  love it

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John Dennis

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Hi Divers,

Everybody Is expressing their views. Why not mine ?   I have experienced Maldives.
There are many places to experience Diving / Scuba Diving. Please find some of the sites that are must see : Lion's Head, Kuda Haa, Girifushi Thila, Middle Point & Nassimo Thila

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Has anyone tried cenote diving in mexico??

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My favorite list consists of the following diving spots: Red Sea, Catalina Island, Malta, Tortola Island and Blue Hole.

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I loved Palau!  That was my all time best diving- we did the live aboard Ocean Hunter and it was amazing.  Sleep, open eyes, analyze tank, big stride into your dive, come out, hand off your gear, get warm towel, eat, then repeat starting with analyze for 3-4 more times in a day.  Repeat entire circuit for 10 days.

Next is Saba, then Cozomel with the drift diving, Hondoras, Belize, Outer Banks NC for the wrecks, Florida for the wrecks, and did I say Saba already.



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Palau is great and also diving spots in Maldives...

I also like diving spot in Dumaguete, Philippines and Puerto Galera, Philippines...

I had a great time there and great diving experience there...^_^

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