The Best place for Horse Riding without a Guide?

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Hey Travelers & Horse Riders!
I am planing to do horseback riding with a friend of mine.
But we have no idea where.... We are looking for a beautiful place with Stunning view...
and most important of all, we would like it to be as much green as possible, with loads of lakes!

I would like to know, where is the best place in the world to do horse riding for a month?
Please mention the country and city, and be as exact as possible.
We prefer to buy our horses rather than rent them.
Since we would like to do it by ourselves and not with a guide. (They are pain in the ass!)
So please recommend a place where horse can be purchased.
Hopefully you guys can help us solve this mystery and we promise to post you back after our Great
Horse riding Adventure!!!

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7 Replies:

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Cameroon Cameroon
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  Hello Friend

  The best place to ride a horse is Cameroon Central Africa  where there are good and unforgettable horse riding experience with lot of beaches and moreso horse here are very very cheap we have places of riding horses like Kribi,Limbe,Mbam in fundong sub division. if any details are needed by you just lets us know.

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Philippines Philippines
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For me even though its the best place for horse back riding I guess I still need a guide to do it.. :dpa:)

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United States United States
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Here are some places, you can suggest for your vacations:

- Darhat Valley, Mongolia.
- Mammoth Lakes, California, USA
- Margarita Island, Venezuela
- Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, USA
- Andalusia, Spain
- Snowy River, Australia
- Killarney, Ireland

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Russian Federation Russian Federation
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Hey David,

Thanks for the answer.

Can you provide us with some more information about this places? like

what was your favorite?

What kind of view we expect to see in each one?

Do they let you ride without a guide?

What is the average cost of it?

and maybe some personal experience and adventures.....




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United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Unfortunately I don't have any personal experience but a friend of mine went to Mongolia for a month's riding holiday last year and she said it was a brilliant experience. They did go with a guide but it was a small, experienced group and it sounds as though they had plenty of freedom e.g the guide didn't mind them trailing a long way behind if they wanted, he was merely there to show them the way to their stops each night. Mongolia is such a big country with such a tiny population for it's size that I think that it'd be hard to find your way in the vast landscapes with only a map and without anyone with local knowledge.

They stayed with families in traditional "gers" each night which my friend said was an incredible experience, often they were tiny settlements in the middle of nowhere! And she said that the people were extermely friendly and hospitable.

I think Mongolia would be a briliant place to go riding for a month. I think the vastness of it's landscape would mean that you would feel really free and at one with nature, which as you would like to go without a guide, I think is the kind of experience that you want. However I think you should go with a guide, it would be too risky to go alone as a couple into the wilderness. If something went wrong, one of you got ill or injured, it could be difficult to get help if you had travelled a long way from civilastion. At least if you went with a guide you would be sure of having somewhere to sleep each night, it's got to be safer than camping by yourselves.

My friend's very adventurous and a good rider and she was very happy after the trip so I'm sure the guide wasn't too restrictive with them. They did a lot of galloping!

Frequent flyer, i know that you specified that you would like to go without a guide and so I'm hoping that DavidS8 will respond to Emil's request for more information about the destinations he suggested. I just wanted to let you know of my friend's (wish it was mine!!) experience, maybe Mongolia might be somewhere to consider.

I've read a bit about Mongolia and it's really interesting culturally and beautiful from a scenery perspective. Horses are embedded in the Mongolian culture, in fact Mongolian Ghengis Khan and his 'Devil's Horsemen' created the largest empire the world has ever seen! It is populated by over 15 distinct ethnic groups.                                          Mongolia is geographically diverse, with wild natural beauty in the form of forests, desert, steppe and lakelands.

Wherever you chose to go I hope you have an amazing time and share your experiences with us, would be great if you put your pictures up on this website!

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Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Republic of
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Never done horse riding. But would love to do that.

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India India
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its nainital in India. just an amazing palce to enjoy horse riding......

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