Magnificent Trip To Sri-lanka

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Travel to Sri Lanka

Deciding our summer’s vacation place was a bit difficult task but I and my friends at last chose Sri Lanka. We were searching a place where we could spend some time for summers. We wanted a place where we could enjoy the beauty of flora and fauna & also see nature at its best. So according to travel guides summers was the best season to go to Sri Lanka. Many of my relatives also suggested that if we wanted to enjoy the warm surroundings of the famous beaches in Sri Lanka such as: - Negombo, Kalutara, etc we should go in summer time.

Travel to Sri Lanka

About Sri-Lanka:

Sri Lanka as you all know is a secular country which does not offer any one religion as a state religion. Sri Lanka is an inland which lies in the Indian Tectonic Plates.  I and my friends can never forget the flora & fauna found in Sri Lanka. It will always be stored in the mind of ours. The famous sloth bear can also be seen in the Wildlife Sanctuaries, and we were lucky to see it. We saw many famous animals found in Sri Lanka such as: - Asiatic Elephant, Sri Lankan Leopard, Golden Jackal, and many more.

So all I want to say is that I and my friends had a great experience in Sri Lanka. We spent our time with the beauty of nature and magnificent scenes as well as sacred places.

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Travel to Sri Lanka

My Journey and experience:

According to us the best way of travel to Sri Lanka is via Flights. We boarded our flight from Chennai.

When we were about to land in Sri Lanka me and my friends were just discussing about the places to visit during our tour. One suggested visiting beaches and others suggested visiting sacred places or religious buildings. So we decided that we will take out time for everyone’s choice of place to visit.

So at last we landed at Sri Lanka airport after almost one and a half hour from Chennai. As we had boarded an afternoon flight from Chennai to Sri Lanka it was becoming almost dark till the time we were deciding the plan for our tour, so we made a new change in our plan that we will go from the next morning and try to see and enjoy each and every wonderful moment and beautiful scenes that come during our journey.

Next morning we all were very excited and anxious to go out of the guest house and have some chance to see the beauty of the nature.

Travel to Sri Lanka

First I decided to go with my choice of place which was wildlife sanctuaries. The famous wildlife sanctuary in Sri Lanka is the “Bar Reef”. I chose this wildlife sanctuary because it was summers and as it was near the coastline so it was affected by the moderating effect of the oceans and seas, which helped to keep the temperature of the wildlife sanctuary moderate and kind of stable. Due to this moderating effect of oceans and seas we were able to see many species of birds which migrated from far regions and countries in search of favorable climate and to easily get the food. The Bar Reef Sanctuary is located in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka as I told you that it was along the coastline.

We were able to see the beautiful coral reefs in the Bar Reef Sanctuary. In fact this Wildlife Sanctuary was famous for the Coral Reefs, also the name of the wildlife sanctuary tell us that it is famous for Coral Reefs. As after the long exertion trip of the sanctuary, this time too it was getting dark. From all these experience I just noticed that if you want to explore Sri Lanka with all of its beauty then you have to spend almost your full day. Then next morning we had are breakfasts in the guest house and got out to explore more about Sri Lanka. We decided to explore the sacred places in Sri Lanka.

Travel to Sri Lanka

We got down at ‘Solosmasthana’. It was a place of 16 sacred places found in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankans and Buddhists believed that these 16 sacred places were hallowed by the existence of Gautama Buddha. We also hired a guide that told us each and every story and myth related to the Solosmasthana. He also advised us to buy a book on Sri Lanka and also on the sacred places which include Solosmasthana, these books also helped us to get more information that sometimes the guide is also not able to tell.

After buying those books we really found that it was very helpful for us. He showed us the sacred carving on the temple walls. He also told us the importance of the carvings and told the meaning of those carvings. It really was an interesting moment, as we all got to know so much about the sacred things present in Sri Lanka. Then on our way back to our guest house we found one more sacred place, “Temple of the Tooth” located in Kandy, Sri Lanka. Located in urban center, long a middle of the Buddhist religion, the beautiful 17th-century Temple of the Tooth (Sri Dalada Maligawa) is believed to accommodate the left higher eye tooth of the Lord Buddha himself. This precious relic attracts white-clad pilgrims, bearing lotus blossoms and shrub, every day.

Then again the next morning we all took our swimming costumes and ran for the beaches. There we were able to rent speedboats for around (INS 200 per hour). There were many games held for the tourists and for the local, we took part in it and enjoyed. We were so indulged in these activities and the scenery of the beach that we were not even were seeing the time that has been past. We almost spent 5-6 hours there.

As my favorite outdoor pastime is trekking or Hiking. There were almost plethora of opportunities and places for trekking or hiking. After staying for 3-4 days in the guest house of Sri Lanka we shifted to a hiking resort which offered us with numerous opportunities for hiking and options of places for hiking. It provided with all kind of equipment needed for a comfortable hiking or trekking.

For trekking and hiking we started with ‘BELIHULOYA’ which is located on the hill country in Sri Lanka. It provides with a superb & magnificent base or starting that helped us to try a variety of places for trekking and hiking. During our hike we saw some of the apple, mango trees, etc., and also berry plants, which were ’thank god’ not poisonous. As we were moving further we started to get hungry so we all ate the berries that we have collected recently from the berry plant just we just saw. We also hired a guide with us so that we could miss any interesting moment. Like one such moment was that the guide showed the rarest flower found in Sri Lanka which was so beautiful that I still can’t forget the fragrance and beauty of that flower.

So at last I just want to suggest all of you who are reading this that whenever you get this golden chance of visiting Sri Lanka or going for a tour to Sri Lanka you must visit these places and admire the beauty of the surroundings and nature at its best.

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