Things To Do In Gothenburg

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Gothenburg is the second biggest city of Sweden, a country where more than half of the land is covered in forests of spruce and pine. These woodlands are home to wolves, bears, lynx, and red deer. Gothenburg is also one of the most thinly populated cities in Sweden with the best standards of living in the world. The people pay high taxes but have many welfare benefits including free health care and retirement funds. Gothenburg remains one of the wealthiest cities in Sweden up to now. Being subsequently closer to the Arctic Circle than most places in Sweden, Gothenburg encounters long, frosty winters, and brief, yet humid summers.

You cannot go to Gothenburg, one of Sweden’s beautiful cities without a walk in the cobbled streets of Haga District, the oldest part of the city. It is full of shops, old buildings and great coffee. It is a must for those who come to Gothenburg because it is located in the heart of the city. It is easily accessible and all activities that revolve here are all immersed in a charming atmosphere.

Things To Do in Gothenburg

When To Go:

Summer is the perfect time to visit Gothenburg. The city is bursting at the seams with local people and visitors that go out to appreciate the great climate. There is a solid outdoor bar that party outdoors until the wee hours of the morning. Furthermore, there are various energetic summer celebrations, most prominently the jazz celebration. There are also a few beaches in the territory as well where you can enjoy a good dip and water sports adventures.

Light to heavy downpour is normal in most circumstances and much of the time in summer, despite the fact that mid-year deluges are typically over much faster than at different times of the year. July is the rainiest (although it is still a summer month) with a normal rainfall accumulation of 76mm.

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The winter season is mostly dark; however the city is lit up by a cover of white snow and turns into a captivating spot. The absence of sunlight can be a killjoy for some yet genuine winter sports lovers disregard it and make fun and fun things to do in the snow.

Things To Do in Gothenburg

Snowfall can happen at whatever time (November until April), however it is most successive from December to March. December and January see some snowfall on a normal range of around 10 days for every month. The climate changes quick in spring and autumn as the expansive move in the middle of summer and winter climate happens.

The early spring season (May – June) can still see critical snowfalls and solidifying temperatures yet by May the beginnings of the mid-year climate can be delighted in. Springtime is also an incredible time to visit the city as it is the driest time of year.

Here are the best attractions and choices of things to do while in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden…


Southern Goteborg Archipelago

The Southern Goteborg Archipelago is a recreational site that you must not miss when visiting Gothenburg. To reach this fun filled tourist attraction, from the tram stop Salt Holmen (tram 9 and 11) walk to the boat area to get to the islands. A trip on one of these boats is an attraction in itself, because what is more beautiful than by sailing the beautiful waters of Gothenburg. You have the choice of several islands that you can visit. A few tips to make your trip worthwhile; go to Styrsö Skäret, it has a road through the forest that leads to a viewpoint (Stors ROS) with a fantastic view over the archipelago. This is also the highest point of all the islands and a great place for photos!  Afterwards go to the  Asperö Norra.  It is a beautiful hiking and swimming place. At the Vrångö Island , it is lovely to walk in the nature reserve.

Southern Goteborg Archipelago

You have to board the boat and your assigned kayak with a guide and have a valid ticket to see all of the islands. You can buy it on board for 22 Kronas. From the islands Styrsö, Donsö, Asperö, Brännö and Vrångö boats depart most often, about every hour (during the summer season).  Try to also purchase a map of the islands because it will prove to be very useful. A booklet with explanations and small floor plans is available on board, and you can also ask for it at the desk of the tour guide agency in Salt Holmen.


Botanical Garden (Botaniska Tradgarden)

The Botanical Garden (Botaniska Tradgarden) is the right place to fall in love with the beauty of nature in Gothenburg. It has well manicured and lush green garden with great restaurant, buffet service, and tasty delights  to serve. The garden is overflowing with beautiful flowers of all colors, with well-marked trails, benches for resting and even a gazebo where you can seek shelter in case of rain. Gothenburg is a beautiful city that will treat you with lots of green spaces everywhere but these gardens are his pride and joy. Go inside and explore and you will not regret it ever.

Botanical Garden

The  themed gardens are well mounted, the area is very good for children, but you need to walk a lot, both for access to the Botanical Gardens from the tram up to the central part of the garden. The Japanese garden has the best kind of cherry blossoms on this side of Gothenburg City. It also has several well- marked trails paved roads to walk and relax. If you go to Gothenburg, be sure to visit the botanical garden. It is simply gorgeous ! Furthermore it is adjacent to a full native forest of the lakes where the atmosphere is conducive to relaxation and moments of meditation.


Lisebergs Nojespark

The Lisebergs Nojespark is the biggest amusement park in Scandinavia and if you are visiting the area, it is worth the ride. The park is really nice and has very cool attractions, especially the roller coaster rides Helix and the Atmosfear. The price for entry is not very cheap, but it is understandable since everything in Sweden is expensive but truly worth it. You can spend the whole afternoon in the park and enjoy all the rides and you will not get hungry because it has too many restaurants. The amusement park is administered by the City Council and it is fun to visit.

Lisebergs Nojespark

The park is really big and in it a whole bunch of attractions, some of which look absolutely wild. The entrance to the park costs 90 Kronas, but for every attraction you have to pay separately or you can buy the so-called All Pass Ribbon on hand which gives access to all the attractions. Do not miss the Lisebergs if you are in Gothenburg because this is one of the most worthwhile attractions that you can enjoy with the whole family. Even if you have one day to spend in the city, take a look and spend at least a couple of hours and you will not regret it. The festive and holiday atmosphere will welcome you on the entrance to the amusement park and inside you will find a lot of fun rides.



Slottsskogen is a wonderful park where you can walk all day. You can just walk along the paths or you can sit on the benches. There are many ponds and you can share the bread with some regular animals of the pond like; the birds, swans, ducks, kois, and turtles. There is a wonderful playground in the open which means freedom for children. The park is great for biking, skateboards, and roller skates. There is also a mini-zoo located inside its premises. It's a beautiful park to visit preferably during the spring and summer. There are trails that climb the hills and also a place where there are elks (secured in a large fenced area). There are penguins, parrots, peacocks and goats, deer and pelicans. There is a beautiful pond with a fountain. There is another lake to see here that is filled only with ducks and swans and placed close to Moore's sculptures. It is located in the middle of the Gothenburg City and is easily accessible.


If you come to Gothenburg, you ABSOLUTELY have to take a ride in this park that is not just a park but something more. The entrance is free of charge and in this spacious part of the city you can find beach volleyball courts, lakes, endless meadows, and exotic trails in the woods that you will come across while walking in the zoo and the park. In fact, it is here where you can find all the animals that live in Sweden, from birds, penguins, reindeer, goats, deer, hens and roosters, peacocks … everything! It is a central green space in a city that is vast and luxuriant. And if you get tired while walking, bars and benches abound. The park is full of life and people who want to spend their afternoons in a cool atmosphere. Despite being a busy park,  you can still find quiet corners and romantic views of the city from which you can enjoy the Gothenburg sunset. It is ideal for a sunny day when the colors are spectacular, but even in winter, when it's all dusted in white!



Universeum is a science and modern technology museum that is divided into two parts; the first is about the natural area with live animals, while the second part is a teaching area. For children, the first part is quite breathtaking, and the second part is more designed for educating everyone about the importance of science in our lives. It is actually a "museum" for kids but in fact it is interesting for adults who are too curious to find out more. The colorful poisonous frogs are displayed here which can only be seen in tropical forests in Sweden. Also interesting is the section on space and that of the police crime scene investigation.


It is a small replica of the Scandinavian ecosystem that also serves as a  museum of science and technology.  You can jump from the space station to forensic science, an exhibition on dinosaurs, the experiments on sport and then again you can sneak back into the rainforest. Here, the kids can spend hours and hours without getting bored, but rather learn (and teach their parents) a lot of things. They will k now everything about 5 Ways to physical laws by the human body to the world of animal. It is a “hands on“ museum  where children can learn and have fun at the same time. The icing on the cake is the huge tropical indoor rainforest where you can walk a thousand stairs, woody vines, and dense vegetation in search of lots of animals to spy closely. Halfway between the aquarium and the zoo, it is a pleasure to browse through shark pools, the display cases of the snakes and the paths between the various species.


Vinga Island

The Vinga Island is an amazing location with impressive visuals. It is an island that is only seen in movies. The visit and climb  to the lighthouse is a mandatory ride and just one of the few things to do while in this area. The island itself is an amazing experience. Barren and beautiful but also with a leafy part where you can walk up to the lighthouse.  While there, you will know the history of its creation (from the lighthouse keeper), from historical times until Evert Taubs (a renowned Swedish author, composer, and singer) childhood in this area.

Vinga Island

You can stay up at the lighthouse in the evening and watch the sun go down until it starts flashing its beacon. You can wander around the island and explore every nook of the historic island. This site is also a great place for coastal fishing. Taking a walk around the island and then having an ice cream in the harbor and watching all the boats that pass through its waters is best for the soul, do not miss this enchanting island.


Volvo Museum

The Volvo Museum is located outside the city center, in an industrial area called Arendal. There are opportunities to use public transport (best to do it Monday through Friday and take line 32). The museum displays all the cars from the first Volvo and Volvo's future. They also show trucks, buses, construction equipment and other varieties of vehicles, including racing cars. Seeing  these treasure trove of old and new vehicles is a really fun experience especially the antique ones and the surprising thing is to learn they are still in good condition up to now.

Volvo Museum

 Afterwards, when you have done this nostalgic journey through time, you can conclude the visit with refreshments at their adjacent restaurant where they have affordable food prices and seating arrangement from inside and outside of the diner. They also have a store if anyone wants to buy something memorable or get some souvenirs about  Volvo. It is a recreational  place for all car lovers. They have all of Volvo’s line and display of unusually fine cars. Several cars can be seen at very close range or you can even sit in and get acquainted with all the car details with the guide of the museum.


Tradgardsforeningen (Horticultural Society)


The Tradgardsforeningen (Horticultural Society) is a very nice garden/park with beautiful flowers and plants. It is well maintained and serves as an oasis in the middle of town where one can find peace and quiet. This park I also a favorite subject for wedding photo shoots, there are many locals who take their wedding photos because of its beautiful setting. There are also cute places here where you can grab a snack or eat good food and just chill out for a while.


Delsjon Park

The Delsjon Park is a breathtaking  recreational complex in both winter and summer. It is very close to the city, and dotted with woodland, lakes and meadows. There is also a riding school from where there are trails for horseback riding. Behind the house that serves as the bar there is a path leading into the golf course.

Delsjon Park

In summer you can bring the grill and roast some fish or meat, take a refreshing bath or take long walks in the countryside. In winter, this park becomes an ice hockey area where the water is icy cold and surrounded by snow around the lake of Delsjon.


Museum of Fine Art (Goteborgs Konstmuseum)

The Museum of Fine Art (Goteborgs Konstmuseum) captivates all of its visitors by the presence of important works of famous painters such as Picasso, Monet, Chagall and others. Also interesting is the section on Scandinavian painters. Sometimes there are temporary exhibition dedicated to Van Gogh, Gauguin and Bernard (called friction of ideas) which are held twice a month. The paintings and sculptures to see are numerous and require time and calm. It is highly recommended to go there on Wednesday because the museum stays open until 8:00 pm. The Museum of Gothenburg is a real find, the rooms are very nice and valuable works are displayed. The Gothenburg Art Museum is renowned for its collection of Nordic art of the late 19th century. A must see is the Fürstenberg Gallery, named for a major donor of art in Gothenburg City. The entrance to the museum is free.

Museum of Fine Art

In Gothenburg City, there is everything: museums, monuments, the rich maritime history of the city, lots of places to picnic, nice beaches, lots of facilities for nightlife, beautiful parks for summer trips to the enchanting beauty of its Scandinavian nature, etc.  A tour of Gothenburg is like taking a lovely walk through the beautiful fall colors with the rustling of leaves on the ground. You can explore Gothenburg even if you do not have a car because the  Tram and a 10-minute walk is enough especially for the attractions that stand close to each other. The city has lots of cozy and warm pedestrian street for a walk that is absolutely fascinating! 

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I can only assume the article was written by

A an American or

B someone with very limited geographic knowledge.

Try taking a look at a map, Gotherburg is NOT closer to the Artic circle than most places in Sweden, it is in SOUTHERN Sweden and on the coast where the sea does not freeze. It is further south than Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki and most Swedish cities Malmo excepted. It is no further north than the north of Denmark. It is a far north as Inverness in Scotland and the UK goes 200 miles 300km north of that city.

The AVERAGE winter temperatures do not drop below freezing!

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