Bus Ticket From Aubonne To Riggisberg

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Aubonne's piece of paradise is the l'Arboretum National du Vallon de l'Aubonne. It is a great park where you can immerse yourself in nature. It is easily accessible by car coming from Aubonne and there are several walks that can be travelled by bicycle. At the main entrance, you can buy a map of the park and there is also a refreshment/snack bar.

Bus Ticket From Aubonne To Riggisberg


Riggisberg is widely visited by tourists because of its adventure park called the Seilpark Gantrisch. The rope park offers something for everyone and the restaurant also. Everyone can have lots of fun in the park with nice staff and features that are very well suited for children. The material is of excellent quality and safety is a top priority.

Here are the available modes of transport from Aubonne to Riggisberg.

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Bus Ticket From Aubonne To Riggisberg

The distance between Aubonne to Riggisberg is 136 km. However, there are no bus transport services that cover the Aubonne to Riggisberg land route. The most available option is to drive your own vehicle or hail a cab from Aubonne to Riggisberg. The travel time is one hour and 33 minutes.       

Bus Ticket From Aubonne To Riggisberg

Train Ticket From Aubonne To Riggisberg

Travelling via railway transport is a practical option and the most accessible way to get from Aubonne to Riggisberg. There are three train rides you need to complete when travelling between these two key cities in Switzerland. The first train ride hails from the Allaman train station via Line Regional Express of Swiss Railways Service (SBB/CFF/FFS) and stops at Lausanne. From Lausanne, take another Swiss Railways train that is bound to Bern. From Bern, take another Swiss Railway Express that will bring you to the city of Toffen. From Toffen, you can take a ten minute bus ride that will bring you to Riggisberg. The entire train journey takes three hours. The total cost of the one way ticket is US$54. To know more, check out: http://www.sbb.ch/en/home.html

Airplane Ticket From Aubonne To Riggisberg

The Aubonne to Riggisberg is not covered by any commercial flight services. 

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