Great Places To Visit When You Are In Geneva

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If there is one location in the world that has a rare breed of sleek, super, cosmopolitan and priciest city, Geneva offers you that. You would meet people who chatter in almost every language that you can think of in this gem of a tourist city. There is no nation that is not represented here, this makes it one of the friendliest city in the world. There are International bodies like the World Health Organization, International Red Cross, the UN and International Labour Organization having their headquarters here.  The city is filled with plush five start hotels, luxury jewelers, manicured parks, chocolate shops and lots more.

Why You Should Visit Geneva


The Alps are next door which means you can ski during the weekend when a lot of tourists come around to have fun. The Urban grit of the city is not around the lakeside or the high waterfalls, not even in the old town but this is found at the Pâquis quarter.  There is nothing that would make you dislike the city when you are here.

The International Museum of the Reformation is where you can find some uncommon objects, rare impressions and mystical artifacts here.  You can visit the Museum of the International Committee of the Red Cross where you would find good works of Red Cross across the globe. The Par Des Bastions would attract you with its aesthetic allure and its flawless green vegetation.  This is the destination where you can soothe your soul and get your mind relaxed.

There are lots of clubs, pubs and bars that has transformed the city’s twilight to a place of fun and during the day, workaholics take over. What a world in this beautiful city? Rumour has it that Remor is one of the best places to be when you need a bar.  There are activities you should not miss for anything like the Téléphérique du Salève, the Yacht race and many more.

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If you think you have seen it all, then Geneva will still give you a stunner with more exotic places to visit.

Geneva International Airport (GVA)

Geneva International Airport was formerly called the Cointrin Airport.  It is situated four km of the city center and had served 13,899,422 passengers and 192,944 aircraft movements in 2012. The Easyjet Switzerland and Darwin Airline have their hubs here and Swiss International Air Lines operates from here.

Canton of Geneva

Hotels And Accommodation

There are lots of welcoming restaurants and hotels in Geneva that is blended with the vibrant nightlife and first class entertainment. Not forgetting the sports facilities that are available for guests in some hotels which range from cheap to luxury hotels.


Car Rental

From Geneva International Airport, Car rental service to drop you at your hotel as soon as you alit from your chosen airline.   Some of these travel agencies has partnered with the major car hire services in Geneva and takes care of your coming to Geneva right from your flight booking to making sure that you have the best hotel accommodation and luxury cars.


The Best Time To Visit

Who doesn’t want to be in Geneva? There are a lot of things that would make you blend here in the city. No time is less and each month offers you something beautiful. The best time to visit Geneva is during July and August.



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