Our Amazing Holidays To Switzerland

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Planning for Holidays is fun but at the same time, it can be a little stressful too if you and your partner have different ways of holidaying. To arrive at a conclusion and a common holiday destination agreed by both at times becomes quite difficult and challenging.

Our Amazing holidays to Switzerland

My husband is an outdoor person and loves outdoor activities whereas I would love spending hours together on a beautiful landscape or a beach with my loved one doing nothing. So, in this holiday trip, we wanted to plug in both romance plus adventure. After a lot of thinking, we decided to holiday in Switzerland – every girls dream holiday destination. Quiet Lakes, snow clad Alps and the green countryside, we both were eager to be mesmerized by the beauty of this country showered with nature.

We landed at the Geneva airport and took a connecting train to reach Interlaken. Interlaken is a small town situated between Lake Thun and Lake Brianz. The name of this town is in Latin and is based on its location between the lakes.  We arrived at the hotel booked by our tour manager. The hotel looked nice from outside but the icing on the cake was the splendid view of the Jungfrau Mountain from our room balcony. Since dusk was approaching soon, we stayed indoors, took a tour of the hotel and visited the hotel pub. 

Our Amazing holidays to Switzerland

The next day was for excursion to Jungfraujoch. We boarded the train and started heading out of Interlaken. We experienced the most exciting train journey which took us to the highest railway station in Europe standing at a crazy 11,333 feet. As the train was speeding up, the scene outside became more and more beautiful and hilly. We changed two trains to get into the red cogwheel train which took us through the rock-strewn landscapes, through tunnels to finally arrive at the Jungfraujoch. Since it was a fairly long journey, we munched on some sandwiches and went ahead to sightsee. We first saw the longest ice-stream in the Alps, the 14 mile Aletsch Glacier along with the valleys and other snow –clad mountains. Post that, we headed toward the Ice Palace – one of the main attraction of this place. The Ice Palace is a castle-like structure made of ice with shiny ice – sculptures of various birds and animals. The walk-way is a tunnel of ice and gives a miraculous feeling of being surrounded by ice. It’s a fantastic experience for me especially since I had seen snow for the first time in my life! We had a sled ride with husky dogs which was quite interesting. The three skiing areas of Grindelwald Kleine Scheidegg - Mannlichen,Kleine and Murren – Schilthorn gave us an ultimate view of the three commanding mountains -Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau, all more than 13 feet high. Mine was a very wobbly attempt at skiing but I loved it. Post this; we tried the Tyrolienne which is a small lift on top of Jungfraujoch. We were fixed by a harness around the hips and a wheel on top which ran on top of 800 meter long steel cable. This unique ride took us hopping across the glacier and gave us an experience of enjoying the landscape in a very unique and special way. This was the ultimate “Swiss Mountain Experience” as we heard some tourists exclaim with delight and was worth every penny spent. As we were heading back to Interlaken, we passed through the valley of Lauterbrunnen. The name Lauter brunnen means ‘many fountains’. There are 72 waterfalls in the Lauterbrunnen Valley.

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The Staubbach Falls are the most popular and well-known since they are the highest free-falling waterfalls in Europe. Second in line are the Trummelbach Falls which are a series of ten glacier waterfalls inside the mountain. These falls carry up to 20,000 liters of water per second. We took a romantic walk breathing in fresh air around the valley with mountains and thundering waterfalls on both sides. It was a heavenly experience, getting wet due to the spray of the falls. We chose to climb down the mountains to get a great view of the valley. Our first day was full of snow adventure and romance. 

Our Amazing holidays to Switzerland


The next day, we travelled to Bern from Interlaken. Bern, the Swiss capital is an ideal expedition center for tourists. We visited the Bern Bear Park .It’s a 6000 square meter alongside the Aare River. We took a walk down to the bear pits where we saw some bears swimming playfully in the Aare River. We enjoyed spending time with the brown bears and got few nice clicks too. We then visited the Cathedral of St. Vincent in the old city of Berne. This church has the tallest spire in the country and the bell tower can be seen from anywhere in the city. We took a much needed coffee break in one of the cafes near the church and then saw the clock tower, one of Bern’s most familiar symbols. We even took a tour inside to view the clock mechanism. Bern offers a lot of scope for shopaholics. Right from stylish boutiques to jewellery shops, we got an array of options to splurge on. At the end, we came back to Interlaken.

The next day was again dedicated to shopping as we travelled to Zurich and visited the Bahnoffstrasse, which is a shopper’s paradise in Switzerland. My husband has a fetish for watches and here, he went almost crazy looking at the variety of Swiss watches while I feasted on some Swiss chocolates and even bought some for friends and family. Some shops were expensive while some offered products for reasonable prices. At the end of this shopping fiesta, I was quite proud to have shopped in the world’s 7th most expensive shopping street.

Our Amazing holidays to Switzerland

Our last day was devoted to the city of Geneva. We visited the Grange Park, one of the most beautiful parks in Geneva. We walked around the pathways and enjoyed viewing the rose garden. After enjoying the panoramic views in the garden, we headed towards an activity which my husband was eager to try his hands on – Horse riding. Horseback riding is a respected tradition in Geneva and there are many popular stables that provide training in this sport. I was very scared in the beginning but got comfortable eventually. This was a very nice way to explore the country side. After a nice galloping session with the horses, it was lunch time so we headed towards Florissant for lunch. We had a light lunch because of our further destination. 

Our destination post lunch was the Geneva Plage. We entered this waterpark through a tunnel structure. We had good fun on the water slides and the pool and enjoyed the best massage there. My husband even tried scuba diving while I was happy splashing water in the huge pool. Overall a thoroughly entertaining water park with lots of splendid views which served as good backdrops for some nice photographs.

From Geneva, we took a train back to Interlaken. This was our last night at Interlaken in Switzerland.  

We found a local restaurant in Interlaken which served traditional Swiss cuisine. Since our day was quite eventful and tiring, we happily feasted on the fondue – a famous Swiss delicacy prepared with potatoes and lots of melted cheese and rippli – pork ribs served with beans, bacon and mashed potatoes.

Our Amazing holidays to Switzerland

The next morning witnessed out departure from Interlaken. This holiday was an amazing balance of outdoor adventure as well as sightseeing and shopping and will be cherished by both of us for years together.


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What a beauty of a place, so refreshing smiley3


Thank you for taking us on your journey through beautiful Switzerland !



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