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Zurich To Florence By Bus

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Zurich is the top choice by most citizens who yearn for good quality of life and affordable cost of living. The city is well kept and applies a very high sense of security and well-being through the streets of the city the culture is small and the architecture is heavily influenced by Germany.

Zurich to Florence By Bus


When in Florence, a visit to the Accademia Gallery is mandatory. To queue and pay a ticket are not exactly low sacrifices to do to get a close up look of David.  This huge and muscular statue is a perfect example of what man can do with a single block of marble.

Here are the available modes of transport fromZurich to Florence.

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Bus Ticket From Zurich to Florence

The distance between Zurich to Florence is 587 kms. There are no direct bus transport that provide bus service from Zurich to Florence, but there is an option to take a bus from Zurich up to Milan which takes 4 hours and 4 minutes at US$ 37. From Milan, you can ride a bus that will take you to the city of Florence which takes about 5 hours and 6 minutes at US$ 32.

If you choose to drive from Zurich to Florence, the travel time is estimated at 6 hours and 17 minutes.

Train Ticket From Zurich to Florence

There is no direct train transport from Zurich to Florence, but you have an option to take the train from Zurich to Milan route which takes 4 hours and 3 minutes at US$ 76. From Milan, you can take the train that services the Milan to Florence route which takes one hour and 40 minutes at US$ 41. To know the train schedules and fares, visit:http://www.eurorailways.com/ecart/train-tickets-zurich-to-florence/

Zurich To Milan By Train

Airplane Ticket From Zurich to Florence

There is only one airline that covers the Zurich to Florence flight route.  The travel time is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. The earliest flight leaves at 07:55 AM. The cheapest air plane fare can be purchased at € 74. To know more, check: http://www.farecompare.com/flights/Zurich-ZRH/Florence-FLR/market.html?utm_expid=269851-22.MVNCePmbRq-j4aYsFwJwFQ.0&utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com.ph%2F

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