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Country: Tanzania City: Arusha
Box 85 Arusha 01 Tanzania
Contact: 255 682614875 Or [email protected]

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Tanzania is a wonderful country and Tapac Safaris is the best way to see all of it.  Tapac Safaris knows Tanzania and can help organize your safari, trekking, or beach vacation (or any combination of those or any other activities).  Tapac creates individualized vacations centered around what you want, taking your interests and budget into account.  They organize the trip and make it easy and enjoyable when you are in country.  Tapac is also committed to conservation and a part of every dollar they make is put towards an anti-poaching enterprise.

I went to Tanzania in March of 2013 and had an awesome vacation.  We contacted Freddy before coming and he was extremely helpful in taking out interests into account and making recomendations that fit into our schedule and our budget.  We knew we wanted to go see the Ngorongoro Crater, the Serengeti, and Zanzibar, but Freddy recommended other excursions, like a day trip to the Maji Moto hot springs and a hunt with the Hadzabe bushment.  Those two experiences, that we only got because of his local knowledge and recommendation were absolutely fabulous additions to the trip.  Maji Moto is an idyllic hot spring and the perfect place to spend a lazy day while you adjust to the local time.  And the hunt with the Hadzabe may have been my favorite part of the trip; it was incredible seeing their ancient lifestyle in action.

The Safari itself was amazing.  Freddy connected us with a guide named Good Luck, who had over 15 years of experience guiding in the Serengeti.  His eagle eyes and extensive knowledge made sure we saw everything possible and learned a lot.  After our safari, we spend a few days relaxing on the beaches of Zanzibar, which put the perfect explanation point on our trip.  I would highly recommend Tapac for whatever kind of vacation you want in Tanzania.  The company will definitely make sure you have a fantastic vacation.

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