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Africa is the wildlife heaven. It is famous for wildlife safaris, splendid hiking areas, beautiful crater lakes and abundant natural glory. Thousands of people visit this continent of the world to witness the most wonder wildlife on our planet. It is one of the oldest inhabited areas of the world. Africa’s highest mountain Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania. This terrific country has many beaches and national parks where you could have lots of fun and adventure. It has many gorgeous mountains where you could enjoy the most enthralling experience of hiking. I have been to different countries of Africa Continent and recently, I visited Tanzania with the group of my friends. Our holiday’s trip was full of adventure and enjoyment. Tanzania is an excellent country where you could spend your holidays and enjoy the best of wildlife and exciting activities.Travel to Tanzania

We started our journey from Arusha Region. Tanzania is famous for its wonderful wildlife. We decided to start our holidays in this country with a glimpse at its wildlife. So, we visited Tarangire National Park. We had planned a full day tour to this park and our decision didn’t disappoint us. This park is really stunning and has numerous elephants and it was fun to watch them. The best part was when we saw a mother elephant with her baby elephant. She was caressing her offspring and it was very overwhelming. We couldn’t resist capturing this awesome moment in our cameras. We were extremely happy that our tour in this park started with a superb moment. We saw Monkeys, Deer, Giraffe and many other animals enjoying themselves. It was very pleasant to watch them. We also saw many Lions. It was a grand bonus for us because we had not expected to watch a Lion. We saw a lioness running after a warthog. It was like watching a wildlife episode on Discovery Channel. We were amazed to watch them. Apart from the wildlife, the scenery was also amazing. You could see some outstanding landscapes from this park. Our tour to Tarangire National Park was a memorable experience for us.Travel to Tanzania

Arusha is packed with enormous scenic beauty. Ngurdoto Crater is the best example of such magnificent beauty. It’s a geological formation located in the Arusha National Park. This park is simply incredible. The flora and fauna of the surroundings would fill your soul with mystical energy. The lush green surroundings and fresh air make a great combo for refreshing your mind. Walking along the crater edge provides a stunning view of the green forest and the wildlife abounded in its verdant habitat. The crater is itself very wonderful. The views from the rim of the crater were breathtaking. We got to see some Rhinos, zebras, African buffalos, hippos, lions, cubs and some other animals. We took some impressive photographs. This is without doubt one of the most spectacular sites of our planet. We enjoyed being at this stunning place.Travel to Tanzania

After watching the wonderful wildlife and impressive beauty of Arusha; it was time to put some adventure to our vacation. We decided to experience the adventure of hiking Usambara Mountains. We booked our tour with a company. Our guide was very passionate about his work and he had great knowledge about everything ranging from a small plant to the history of this mountain range. He was consistently enhancing our knowledge bank. The Usambara Mountain Range is one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots. You would see lovely flora and fauna all around. We went through some villages on our way. The people were very nice and friendly. They shared their experiences with us and we really enjoyed listening to them. This has been my ever-best experience of hiking.Travel to Tanzania

We also visited Lake Manyara National Park. It’s a small and very beautiful park. The density and diversity of wildlife in this park really surprised us. We saw a day-old baby hippo and he was very cute. We saw an elephant spraying himself with water. The elephant was enjoying his shower and it was fun to watch him. Monkeys were very funny. They were copying our gestures.  The lake is the prettiest part of this park. We saw countless birds near this lake and we were astounded to watch them. The lake was looking lovely with so many birds around it. We enjoyed watching a lake and wildlife.Travel to Tanzania

Serengeti National Park is the major attraction of Tanzania. Almost every tourist visits this park for experiencing the best of Tanzanian wildlife and beauty. It won’t be wrong if I call this park as ‘Mini Africa’ because this park shows real delight of Africa. You would get to encounter many wildlife creatures ranging from Lions to crocodiles. A large number of crocodiles could be seen in Grumeti River. You could also enjoy watching hippos in Serengeti Hippos Pool. Watching these animals in their natural habitat always bring a joy to your journey.Travel to Tanzania

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This park has been divided into three main areas. We started exploring the wilderness of this park from Seronera Serengeti. It is located in the central part of the park. Seronera is the heart of Serengeti. You could enjoy the balloon safaris and game safaris. We chose balloon safari for travel around in this park. It was a wonderful decision because we could see some unusual views of this beautiful area. We saw many animals in the amazing scenery. The best scene was the fight of two Lions. They were roaring at each other. It was the most exciting experience. After balloon safari, we had our lunch under a huge tree. We could still watch some animals. It was a remarkable experience.Travel to Tanzania

After this, it was time to watch some crocodiles and hippos. So, we visited Grumeti River. There were many crocodiles in this river. We saw a fight between a crocodile and a hippo. Actually, there was a dead wildebeest. The crocodile wanted that dead wildebeest and the hippo was blocking him to do so. Their fight continued for one hour and finally crocodile accepted his defeat. It was entertaining to watch them fighting for meat. It was very funny because hippos don’t eat wildebeest. He was just holding that dead wildebeest in his mouth and not doing anything to it. It was a great amusement. We did see many wildebeest got taken away by the crocodiles many times while walking along this river. This place always gifts some thrilling scenes to the tourists.Travel to Tanzania

We all know that hippos are very lazy and watching them yawning is always very funny. If you want to experience the funny moment when a hippo yawns; then Serengeti Hippo Pool is your bet. There are hundreds of hippos in this pool. You could often watch a hippo yawning. We did experience this funny moment. We also saw some baby hippos. It was very humorous to watch hippos resting on top of each other in a brown water pool. It was fun to be around this place.Travel to Tanzania

Stone Town was our last stop in Tanzania. It is situated in Zanzibar. There are many gorgeous beaches in Stone Town; where you could relax your mind. After experiencing the exciting wildlife safaris; it was time to watch the oceanic beauty. We visited Isola Nakupenda beach. It’s a lovely beach where you could watch many starfishes and enjoy the beauty of the environment. Stone town is extremely beautiful and a perfect place if you want to experience the beach side of Tanzania.Travel to Tanzania

We had a great time in Tanzania. This country is a heaven for wildlife. You could never experience such wonderful wildlife safaris anywhere else in the world. Visit Tanzania for experiencing the best wildlife safaris. You would definitely appreciate it.









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